Did You Catch This Cash Cow?

Everytime I entered into Innovalues, it will always give me a profit without fail. Today is no exception. It moves an awesome 6% in a day.

As usual, this stock pick was posted yesterday and the next day it just shot up.

All thanks to my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. It will alert me when a stock is about to make BIG moves in the market. It also enable me to know when the market will turn, thus making stock trading a breeze for me.


This Saturday, I am having a preview of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. I would demonstrate how I caught Innovalues again and again till it becomes my golden cash cow. If you would like to own the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System and control the market like me, register for the seminar here.

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.


The global market rebound strongly last Thursday after ECB chief Mario Draghi hinted that new stimulus may be forthcoming at the central bank meeting in March. There are also expectation that the central bank of Japan may ease further at this Friday meeting.

Now is a good time to hunt for fundamentally good battered stock to go long as the central banks are out to support the market again after a sell down.

Innovalues is one of my cash cows for the past 2 years. It is one of the strongest stock that is not affected by the atrocious selling in the last 3 weeks. It has rested for two and a half month and seem poised to run again.

Watch for it!


Buy only @ 0.82
Stop loss @ 0.76

Innovalues – Did You See It!

Look at that! One BIG bar! One BIG profit – 8.6% in 2 days!

My platinum golden cash cow again gave me my first good trade of the month with a nice profit of 8.6% so far.

Whenever I entered this stock, it will always give me a wonderful profit. Year to date, I have extracted 29% from this cash cow. See all entries and exits here.


The next one to run will be FSL trust as posted here on Monday. Watch for it!

Next Saturday, I will be having a seminar on how to use a simple and profitable strategy to extract profit regularly from the global market to double our idle CPF and cash fund once every 3 years in a safe and steady manner via unit trust investing.

I will reveal during the seminar which market to enter to extract the maximum profit from this sell down.

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One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away

Finally The Greek Drama Is Over

After waiting patiently for 3 weeks for the greek drama to finish, it is time to scoop up valuable stocks at discounted price after the market correction in the last 2 months.

Below are 2 stocks to watch out for.

Innovalues had undergone a correction last month and seem to come back very strongly.


Stop buy or buy only @ 0.81
Stop loss @ 0.755

FSL Trust has been resting for the past 2 month and may start to sprint again.

2015Jul-FSL Trust-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.184
Stop loss @ 0.176


Oh my God!

My Platinum Golden Cash Cow is coming back again to give me a fourth round of profit for this year. Don’t miss it.


Buy only @ $0.92
Stop loss @ $0.865

Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Miserable Income



As usual, whenever I entered into this Platinum Golden Cash Cow, it will always give me profit.

I am contented with today profit considering current flat and illiquid market condition and will continue to hold for more to come.

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Last thursday, after I posted an update of the market outlook, the US, European and Asian market all roared back to life with the European Market rebound the strongest. Everything happened as predicted.

During yesterday stock course preview, the attendees asked me how I am able to do that?

I am able to do that not because I have special psychic power or sixth sense, it is due to the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System that make my trading predictable. It will tell when to enter and exit a trade and when the market will turn. With it, I am in full control of the market and I determine how much profit I want to extract from it.

From the system, I am expecting a wonderful trading week ahead.


This year, I caught Innovalues twice with a total profit of 24.5%. See here.

Today, this Platinum Golden Cash Cow is back again for the third time. Don’t miss it!

Buy only @ $0.845
Stop loss @ $0.775

Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Miserable Income

Innovalues – One Good Trade

Today, I exited my Platinum Golden Cash Cow Innovalues with a wonderful profit of 12%. This stock call was posted here on 12 Feb 2015 and the very next day it gaped up.


Since last year, every time I entered this stock, it will give me profit. See here and here. That is why it has turned into my Platinum Golden Cash Cow from a normal cash cow last year.

With my Ultimate Sniper Stock trading system, I can easily get 4 good trades a month to replace my income. I am able to make the market pays for all my daily expenses, pay for my next big ticket item, contribute to my pension fund and more.

Today, I also shorted Hyflux which was posted here on 24/02/15. See how this dead stock will become my next good trade. Experience how shorting dead stock is the best thing to do in life than value investing or working in the corporate world.

Once A Trader, Always a Trader.

Innovalues – It just gaped up


On friday, Innovalues gaped up to close at 2.8% for the day.

This stock call was posted here on thursday and the very next day, it just gaped up.

This is how good the ultimate sniper stock trading system is. It will select for you the best stock to buy to grow your money in the fastest way possible.

Sometimes I see people trade using a lousy trading platform (because it has cheap commission) or with no proper/proven trading system. More often than not, they lose more than they gain.

In trading or investing, you either win a lot or lose a lot. If you use a lousy tool or system, there is no chance you can win the market.



My golden cash cow is back again. There is an entry opportunity for tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Buy only @ $0.535
Stop loss @ $0.51

Two hours ago, Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a ceasefire and IMF announced a $40 billion funding package for Ukraine. This major stumbling block had been cleared for the global bull to start running again after resting for 2 months.

It is a fantastic time to enter the global market now to ride the mega bull to grow our CPF and cash via unit trust. The risk is low and the return is high.

If you would like to master the strategy of consistently extracting profit from the global market to double your CPF and cash every 3 years in a safe and steady manner via Unit Trust investing, do join me for my monthly Unit Trust seminar this saturday here. You can bring along another person for free since it is also a Valentine Day.

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