Yesterday evening, the US market had a roller coaster ride. It gaped up, came down and rally back again. Hopefully, today it will have a sustained rally up.

While waiting for confidence to return back to the market, I will short sell Hyflux to collect some dividend.

While others still follow the old way of investing for dividend, I short dead stocks to collect dividend everyday when the market is down. Hyflux is one of my favourite stocks for doing that. Click here to see how I do it.


Sell only using CFD @ 0.51
Stop loss @ 0.555

I Exited All My Short Positions

Today, I exited my last short position on Hyflux with a BIG FAT PROFIT of 10.5% after holding it for 5 days.

This stock call was posted on the sniper trader blog on 12/8/15 and the very next day onwards, it just made the BIG move down everyday till I exited this morning.


Trading and making money consistently from the market is a breeze if you have a good trading system as shown in this blog.

Right now with my BIG FAT account, I am waiting patiently for the next sniper signal to enter the market again.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.



There is an entry signal again to short this dead stock. Those who misses this on Monday, tomorrow you have a chance to short it down.

Sell using CFD @ $0.86
Stop loss @ $0.925

This afternoon, I receive a fund report on the performance of all the Unit Trust fund under Prestige Portfolio for the whole of last year 2014. The top performance was Aberdeen India Opportunities Fund with a return of 41%, followed by Parvest Equity Indonesia Fund with a return of 34.5% and Aberdeen Thailand Equity Fund with a return of 20.6%.

Today, the market has changed and it moves very fast. With the correct tool, knowledge, and system, how much you want to make from the market depends on how good you are. If your Unit Trust is not making a return of 15% – 20% per annum, then it is underperforming. Next saturday, I will be having my Unit Trust Investment seminar. If you would like to know how I can double the return of Unit Trust investment once every 3 years, register for your seat here.



There is an entry signal to short this dead stock again. Enjoy the smooth ride down!

Sell using CFD @ $0.885
Stop loss @ $0.95

Currently, I am still holding on to my Platinum Golden Cash Cow Innovalues and Valuetronics. They have been giving me tremendous profit. There is no chance for me to exit yet. I will post the exact profit extracted from them once I exited my position.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Shorting Dead Stock Vs Dividend Investing

Today, my protective stop for Ezra was trigger at $0.55. This stock call was posted here on 17/11/14.

I am still holding on to my short trade on Hyflux, waiting for my protective stop to be triggered to collect profit. Hyflux was posted on here on 12/11/14.

Some people use income/dividend investing to receive dividend from their stocks once or twice year.

I shorted dead stock to receive dividend everyday.

Dead stocks are everywhere and can easily be found in the market or in this blog. They are being dumped by BBs and Traders and the chances of them being alive are very slim. Hence, there is no need to fear these stocks.

Yet people chose to waste their time and effort to hunt for ideal dividend stock that give them high dividend and when the market is down, they lost money on the share price. The best part is, some even buy these dead stock because they are cheap! Have you ever see a person going to an aquarium shop to buy a dead fish or going to a florist shop to buy a dead plant?

No wonder Warren Buffett said that there is a perverse human characteristic that like to make easy thing difficult. I totally agree with him.