After going down in the last 3 months due to technological and trade war between the US and China, Hi-P is nicely supported at $1.12 and has shown sign of recovering probably due to the latest truce agreed over the weekend at the G20 summit .

Currently, all technical are in place and I am going to long this stock if it goes above $1.48 tomorrow.


Hi-P – Did You See It?

An awesome performance by Hi-P this morning where STI and most stocks are in the red!

It just shot up 6.3% swiftly from $2.21 to $2.35 after the market opens.

As the move is pretty fast and the profit is decent, I closed my position and use the fast cash earned to pay for the expenses I incurred during last week Chinese New Year Celebration.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Frencken and Hi-P

Today is the first trading day after Chinese New Year and the STI rallied to add to the festive cheers by closing higher at 1.27%.

Majority of the stocks also went up and it seem like buyers are back again after the recent market correction.

Two stocks caught my attention and they will be in my trading list for this week.

Frencken gaped up today and closed strongly.

Hi-P is a very trendy stock and also closed strongly.



I got excited the moment I saw the chart of Hi-P.

It’s been awhile since I last saw a dead stock and I am going to short it tomorrow.

Follow me and let’s enjoy the fast ride down.

Sell using CFD @ $0.525
Stop loss @ $0.605

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Hi-P – Did You See It?

Do you like the free show this morning?


As usual, after I posted yesterday, Hi-P gapped up 2% this morning at $0.645 and went to a high of $0.655 in a day where almost 100% of the stock are in the red.

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Life Is For Trading. Not Working.



Hi-P is coming back strongly. Watch how it shot up tomorrow. Enjoy the free show!

Buy only @ $0.635
Stop loss @ $0.595

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient Financially

Hi-P – My Third Good Trade Of The Month


Friday, my Innovalues gaped up. Monday, my Valuetronics shot up. Today, my Hi-P went down by 4.5%. Three good trade in a row where most stocks in the market are in the red. All these stock calls were posted here one day in advance.

Hi-P will be my third good trade for this month. With a good trading system, you can make the market pays for all your expenses, pays for your next holiday or pays for your next big house. This should be the way. No other way!

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Life Is For Trading. Not Working.