Ifast – Did You See It!

Today, ifast gaped up and shot up to a high of $1.17 before closing 3.7% higher at $1.13.

This stock pick was posted on my stock discussion group Singapore Stock Market Daily Stock Pick on 23 July 2018 for the public to profit from potential stock screened out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Those who bought this stock can continue to hold as there is more profit to come.

In Singapore if you just leave your money in CPF, save in bank fixed deposit or insurance policy, you can never retire because the return is much lower than the cost of living and inflation rate.

You must either trade or investment your money so that you are able to retire especially in this age where the young(smart and savvy) and the robot(artificial intelligent) may take away your job anytime.

It is with this reason that whenever there are good stocks filtered out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will post it on the net so that you can enjoy some of the best things in life.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

BreadTalk – Did You See It?

I love BreadTalk.

Whenever I entered into this stock, I am bound to make money from it – see here.

This time, I entered on 06/06/18 at $0.965 and it just shot up fiercely.

I exited one month later on 02/07/18 at $1.19, making an awesome profit of 23%.

I can’t ask for more considering the local stock market is in a mess now.

With the current market condition, it is very difficult to spot a stock that would give you this kind of profit.

But with patient and my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will get it!

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Delong – Did You See It?

Today, this champion gaped up again to open at $4.80, went to a high of $5.07 and closed 5.8% higher at $4.90.

It is indeed rare to see a stock gaped up 2 times in a row and I am glad my trading system is able to pick up such gems for trading.

This stock pick was posted here and in the facebook yesterday and I hope you enjoyed the show and the profit in your trading account.

This week, I am fully contended to have 2 good trades in a row that gave me a fast and awesome profit that is more than enough to cover my Chinese New Year expenses.

Nothing Beats Trading And Investing

Hi-P – Did You See It?

An awesome performance by Hi-P this morning where STI and most stocks are in the red!

It just shot up 6.3% swiftly from $2.21 to $2.35 after the market opens.

As the move is pretty fast and the profit is decent, I closed my position and use the fast cash earned to pay for the expenses I incurred during last week Chinese New Year Celebration.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

I had A Great Chinese New Year Celebration

For the past 2 weeks, I had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration with family, relatives and friends and feast on nice cuisines and goodies knowing that all expenses will be paid for by Cogent.

I posted this stock here on 14/1/17 and entered the next day @ $0.71.

I just exited 2 days ago @ $0.80 with a nice profit of 12.6%.

Currently, I am still holding on to Geo Energy Resources and OKH Global waiting patiently for the profit to grow BIG before harvesting.

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient Financially.

I had A Great Weekend

Today, I just recovered from a tiring but great weekend of teaching a new batch of Sniper Traders how to use the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System to accumulate wealth from the stock market.

Majority of the students from this batch are in their late 30s who are mostly professional, manager, executive and technician (PMET). Most lamented their jobs are not secure and are expected to be retrenched in the near term. They are now learning to be a full time trader generating an income from the stock market.

They have made a right decision by finding a second source of income for themselves. Today, the economy have changed. Most of the job will be replaced by technological advancement, especially automation and artificial intelligent. This is confirm by the government’s latest various schemes to help more retrenched PMET to re-skill and re-employed again.

To me, having a job in a high cost, competitive, knowledge-based country like Singapore is not feasible anymore. Your income is just/not enough to paid for your bills, cost of living(meals, transports, clothing, insurance, entertainment, vacation), housing loan, etc. Nothing is left for saving.

When recession comes, PMET are the first to go. When boom comes, there are the last to be considered because company will employ the fresh graduate who are young, highly qualified, smart and require a much lower salary. It just doesn’t make sense.

This is the reason why after graduating from the local prestigious National University of Singapore with 3 Economics Degree in 2005, I chose not to enter the corporate world.

Back to trading, I am still holding on to Best World which I entered on 9/3/16 and 11/4/16.

2016Apr-Best World-800x600

Till today, I have no chance to exit.

In Trading, You Either Win A Lot Or Lose A Lot.

Best World – Did You See It?

Did you see it?

Do I have to say more!

As usual this stock pick was posted here last Wednesday. Today, it just shot up where most of the stocks are in the red.

2016Apr-Best World-800x600

This weekend, I will be conducting my 2 days course on the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. If you want to be part of my sniper trader team who uses a simple, easy to use and predictable world class trading system to accumulate wealth from the market, do reserve your seat here.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.

Rex International

Did you enjoy the show today performed by First Resources(albeit late by one day)?

I hope you do and make for yourself some easy money from the market!

This is the second time I caught it this year. With a proven trading system, you can replicate Good Trades like this anytime, anywhere. 

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Today, I also spotted Rex International with a superb price action. If you are a gambler or those who hanker for BIG fat, fast and easy profit, this trade is for you. Courtesy of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

2016Mar-Rex Intl-800x600

Buy only @ 0.124
For intraday trade only

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

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