Stop buy or buy only @ $0.074
Stop loss @ $0.063
Exit once profit is good. For intra-day to few days trading only.


GMG Global is a completely dead stock where the BBs are selling their holding day by day. A very good stock to SHORT. The selling will intensify in the next few days.

Stop sell or sell using CFD @ $0.08
Stop loss @ $0.086

Market Outlook

Currently, the US and European market are EXTREMELY bearish. There may be a technical rebound in the next few days, but the selling is not over yet.
Most of the stock in STI had went through a huge and fierce selling down today. The only Asia market that holds up well is china/Hong Kong. If STI can rebound, it will be a good news because we can buy good stock at a cheap price again. 

You can still enter and trade Jaya and UMS as posted yesterday.