Genting Sing

Genting is a very trendy stock that is ideal for trading.

Today, after resting for 2 months, it surged 4.5%.

The buyers are back and this signals the start of a new wave.

I always tell others that one of the easiest and stress-free method to beat the house is by trading its stock. Not gambling in the casino.

I will be looking to beat the house by entering this stock tomorrow.

Genting – Did You Short It?

Today, Genting dive down again to close at -3.2% after jumping down last Friday.

This stock pick was posted here on Saturday for all to make money from it.

It is a dead and dying stock and I will continue to short it to collect dividend everyday to pay for my next trip to Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

This is what the stock market is suppose to do. Pay for your monthly bills, your car instalment, your insurance premium, your retirement fund and your next holiday trip. But sad to say, in reality, it is the opposite.2015Nov-Genting Sing-800x600

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Trading Is Difficult. Don’t Make It Worse.

Market Outlook

Currently, the STI is still in a long term downtrend and is very bearish now. Its first selling wave was started on 27 October 2015. And the current second selling wave started on 6 November 2015.2015Nov-Straits Times-800x600

This week would be a very fantastic one for shorting and I expect to receive my early Christmas present again this year from Santa Clause (the market).

I would short Genting when market opens on Monday as it had announced an atrocious set of result last Thursday. The company is bleeding and the stock is dying.

Just short it to enjoy the fast ride down!2015Nov-Genting Sing-800x600

Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 0.77
Stop loss @ 0.85

In Trading, You Either Lose A Lot Or Win A Lot.