Rex International

Did you enjoy the show today performed by First Resources(albeit late by one day)?

I hope you do and make for yourself some easy money from the market!

This is the second time I caught it this year. With a proven trading system, you can replicate Good Trades like this anytime, anywhere. 

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Today, I also spotted Rex International with a superb price action. If you are a gambler or those who hanker for BIG fat, fast and easy profit, this trade is for you. Courtesy of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

2016Mar-Rex Intl-800x600

Buy only @ 0.124
For intraday trade only

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

First Resources

I love the current market now.

Despite yesterday bombing of the Zaventem airport in Brussels by terrorist, the global market continue to power up. This is a good testimony of the current strength of the bull.

Today, First Resources had a superb trade set-up. See how it shot up tomorrow.

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Buy only @ 2.05
Stop loss @ 1.96

Because the current market condition is very conducive for trading and investing, next Saturday, I am organising a Unit Trust Investing seminar where I will impart the skill and knowledge required to extract profit regularly from any part of the world to grow your cash and CPF fund in a safe and steady manner.

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I Feel Great Today

Today, I exited my SMRT position which was entered on 1/2/16 with a wonderful profit of 5.5% after holding for 2 weeks.


I also obtained a nice profit of 3.3% from First Resources.

2016Feb-First Resources-800x600

As usual, all these stock picks were generated by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System and posted here for all to make money from. They will just shot up the next day because this trading system is finely calibrated to catch stocks that are about to make big moves in the market. As such, you don’t need to trade big to make big profit. 

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

First Resources

After a week of celebrating the Chinese New Year with family, relatives, friends and sumptuous meals, it is time to get back to work again.

Today, the global market roar back to life with good news from Japan, China and OPEC countries.

The palm oil sector has shown sign of rebound and I decided to look for stock there to go long. First resources caught my attention with an interesting trade set up. It is also one of the strongest palm oil companies listed in Singapore.

2016Feb-First Resources-800x600

Buy only @ 1.965
Stop loss @ 1.845

First Resources – My Second Good Trade Of The Month

Today, First Resources gave me my second good trade of the month. From the chart, I am going to exit tomorrow.

As usual, this stock call was posted here last wednesday for all to see and profit.

2015May-First Resources-800x600

With a proven Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I am able to post all these stock call for the whole world to see and profit regardless of market condition and direction.

Trading becomes simple, easy and predictable.

I am very excited and looking forward to create another batch of sniper trader this Saturday. Their life will change from next Monday onwards once they get hold of the Sniper Stock Trading System.

First Resources

2015May-First Resources-800x600

First Resources is coming back very strongly due to the rebound in crude oil.

Buy only @ $1.965
Stop loss @ $1.89

Today, liquidity is back for majority of the stock after disappearing for 3 weeks.

It will be party time again for extracting money from the market. Hope you can extract some to take yourself or your family for a holiday next month during school holiday. Good  Luck!

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