Shorting Dead Stock Vs Dividend Investing

Today, my protective stop for Ezra was trigger at $0.55. This stock call was posted here on 17/11/14.

I am still holding on to my short trade on Hyflux, waiting for my protective stop to be triggered to collect profit. Hyflux was posted on here on 12/11/14.

Some people use income/dividend investing to receive dividend from their stocks once or twice year.

I shorted dead stock to receive dividend everyday.

Dead stocks are everywhere and can easily be found in the market or in this blog. They are being dumped by BBs and Traders and the chances of them being alive are very slim. Hence, there is no need to fear these stocks.

Yet people chose to waste their time and effort to hunt for ideal dividend stock that give them high dividend and when the market is down, they lost money on the share price. The best part is, some even buy these dead stock because they are cheap! Have you ever see a person going to an aquarium shop to buy a dead fish or going to a florist shop to buy a dead plant?

No wonder Warren Buffett said that there is a perverse human characteristic that like to make easy thing difficult. I totally agree with him.


Ezra is a dead stock for shorting especially now when the market may go through a pullback. 
Enjoy the ride down.

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $0.715
Stop loss @ $0.765
Today, my Money In The Chart Facebook had exceeded 100 Likes. This is a good sign that more people are benefitting from the stock pick here to extract money out of the stock market. Hopefully, the extra money obtained can help to improve their quality of life in Singapore.
Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around 


Ezra has been going through a fierce sell down since 25/7/14. It had broken the support at $1.14. I am going to piggyback on this selling wave by shorting this stock.

Stop sell or sell using CFD @ $1.085
Stop loss @ $1.15


1)US and European market are still extremely bearish. Although currently STI and Hang Seng are still well supported, the continued selling in the west may bring down Asia market.

2) Watch out for Jaya. It is attempting a breakout.

3) Today my short position on Swiber entered on 5/8/14 has given me a good profit. This is my first good trade of the month. I am expecting more as the selling has intensify today.

4) My buy orders for Nam cheong and valuetronics are triggered today. Hopefully, they can turn into my second and third good trade for this month.

I feel GREAT today !!!

Today my Great Eastern and Ezra holding flew and I exited half of my China Gaoxian at $0.054 with a handsome profit.

I also received many emails from readers, thanking me for the willingness to share and posting good stock to trade on this blog. I even received from a reader wanting to buy me a good dinner because she has profited from China Gaoxian. I politely declined her offer and asked her instead to donate part of her winnings to charity or give to those poor elderly Singaporean selling tissue on the street. It will brighten up their days.

My purpose of continuing this blog is to help the readers here make money to combat the ever rising inflation and to build up their retirement fund so that they can retire comfortably. And hopefully they can in turn help the needy out there.

Note that for all recent posting whereby the stop buy or stop sell orders that are not triggered, you can still trade them although I didn’t mention the stock again. You can verified with me again their entry price by sending your message here .

Now let’s go back to my favourite stock China Gaoxian.

For those who have not entered China Gaoxian, you should kick yourself really hard because there are 2 entry signal where i posted on 24 and 29 June 2014. This may be your last chance to enter !

China Gaoxian had formed a Bullish Flag. If is successfully breakout with high volume, it will reach $0.068.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.058
Exit : stop loss @ $0.046
Target : $0.068


Ezra had reversed to uptrend. BBs have started to accumulate it since 29/05/2014 with heavy buying in the last 3 days. There is a resistant at $1.26.

Enter : stop buy @ $1.195
Exit : stop loss @ $1.08


Watch out for Blumont and Medtecs Int. They are going to move soon.