Ezion is gonna dive down again. Watch for BIG fall.

Stop sell or sell using CFD @ $2.05
Stop loss @ $2.14


1) Watch Out for Jaya. It is coming. It will either massively shot up or shot down. Do key in your stop order.

Ezion – Did you see it !

This morning Ezion gap down by 3%. Even stop loss also cannot save you if you long this stock!

As posted here on 22/06/14, I called for a short on this stock because the BBs had left and there is a big double top formation. This stock is gone because it had broken the big support at $2.07 which is tested 3 times. The targeted price is around $1.77.

This is another interesting stock because I received many emails asking me why I called for a short when the company fundamental and revenue are good. Others asked me whether they can buy this stock because it is near the support level at $2.07. The BBs had already left the stock, yet these people want to buy it! As usual, I didn’t reply to those emails because I don’t have the time. The FAQ on this blog will help these readers a lot.

I trade and invest according to the chart. If I am wrong, I cut. If I am right, I ride. I am able to do that because I believed in my system which is 85% accurate. Any stop loss will be easily replaced by the winning trade.

I only managed to short sell this stock on 30/06/14 as my stop sell order was triggered. I hold on to this stock for 9 days and today I am rewarded.

The reason why I only posted 1 or 2 stock call a day is because you only need 1 good trade a day and 4 good trade a month to solve all your financial woes. If I posted a list, you will get confused !


This market sell down will be a short one. Probably last for another 3 days. After that we can enter again. Just be patient and wait for opportunity.


From the chart, it shows the institutions (BBs) are not holding on to this stock and there is a double top formation. There may be a big plunge coming. watch for it !

Entry : short sell @ $2.06 using CFD a/c
Exit : $2.17