Delong – Did You See It?

Today, this champion gaped up again to open at $4.80, went to a high of $5.07 and closed 5.8% higher at $4.90.

It is indeed rare to see a stock gaped up 2 times in a row and I am glad my trading system is able to pick up such gems for trading.

This stock pick was posted here and in the facebook yesterday and I hope you enjoyed the show and the profit in your trading account.

This week, I am fully contended to have 2 good trades in a row that gave me a fast and awesome profit that is more than enough to cover my Chinese New Year expenses.

Nothing Beats Trading And Investing


This champion gaped up and closed 20% higher today.

A very trendy stock with a superb trade set-up, I will be looking to scoop up this stock tomorrow.