Did You Enjoy The Show Today?

Did you witness how Debao Property shot up today? Shiok right!

This is the second time I caught this stock. See how I caught it on 7 Oct here.

2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

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Can your trading strategy/system do the same? If not, abandon it because trading is the rich and Big Boys game and if you cannot piggyback on them, 101% you will lose.

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Debao Property

I love the market. It pays for my 9 days holiday and while I am enjoying myself overseas, it is flat and seem to be waiting for me to come back to extract more money from it.

The next few days will be very good for trading and making some extra easy money.

Debao Property has a very nice set up. See how it just shot up tomorrow. Enjoy!2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

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Oh My God! Did You See It?

Today, Debao Property went by by a massive 9.5% in one day.

This stock pick was singled out by my beloved Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System and posted here yesterday for all to profit from.2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

Today is another BIG day for Asia market with Hang Seng and STI up by 3.1% and 2.2% respectively. 

The Big Boys have started to scoop up the blue chips in the Singapore market which caused the big move in the STI.

For those who have missed the opportunity to capture the big move in the market to make easy money in the last 3 days, do get a copy of my sniper signal where you will always be ahead of the market and not be the last to get the bull shit when market turns.

I promise.

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Finally The BULL Is Back

As shown by my trading and investment systems and posted here on Sunday, US, European and Asia market have all rebounded fiercely.

And today, most of the stock in the Singapore market have also recovered tremendously.

Indeed, it has been marvelous for us(sniper traders, sniper signal subscribers and myself) making easy money from the market in the past 2 days where the big moves occurred.

The Sniper Signal subscribers are the most happy and fortunate ones because they just paid $47/month to make a few thousands in profit without doing anything.

If you have missed the last 2 days of BIG profit, don’t worry the market will always gives you a second chance tomorrow.

2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

Debao Property
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Debao Property

Debao Property is recovering very nicely from 2 months of sell down. It has reached the bottom and price action is starting to accelerate to the upside. Watch for it!

2015Sep-Debao Property-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.046
Stop loss @ 0.035