Swiber – Another Good Trade Of The Month

Did you see it !

This Swiber trade is my second GOOD trade of the month. It garnered me a return of 17.8% in just 2 days. A big fat profit for me!

This stock call was posted here on Monday and the next day, it just gapped down.

This is what you will get when you short a dead stock. See an article here where I wrote about dead stock last month.

My Unit Trust Investing acumen is also as good as my Stock Trading with Razor Sharp Entry and Exit. You can view all my investment done last year here.

I use Unit Trust for my investment because it allows me to invest anywhere in the world online when opportunity arises. Today, the financial market moves very fast and online execution is very important to me as it allow me to enter and exit instantly.

Currently, Commodity, Gold, Silver, and Crude oil are at EXTREMELY low level and I am watching them closely for a signal to enter them for investment.

If you would like to learn an investment strategy that can help you to enter and exit your investment portfolio with razor sharp accuracy and double your money every 3 years to grow your CPF and cash fund, register for my Saturday seminar here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years

Dead Stock – Just Short It !

At the moment, dead stocks are everywhere. Just choose your favourite one and short it using CFD account. Don’t need to ask why. Don’t need to ask when. When the price is right, just short it.

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $0.42
Stop loss @ $0.47
Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $0.765
Stop loss @ $0.845
Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.955
Stop loss @ $2.095

Shorting Dead Stock Vs Dividend Investing

Today, my protective stop for Ezra was trigger at $0.55. This stock call was posted here on 17/11/14.

I am still holding on to my short trade on Hyflux, waiting for my protective stop to be triggered to collect profit. Hyflux was posted on here on 12/11/14.

Some people use income/dividend investing to receive dividend from their stocks once or twice year.

I shorted dead stock to receive dividend everyday.

Dead stocks are everywhere and can easily be found in the market or in this blog. They are being dumped by BBs and Traders and the chances of them being alive are very slim. Hence, there is no need to fear these stocks.

Yet people chose to waste their time and effort to hunt for ideal dividend stock that give them high dividend and when the market is down, they lost money on the share price. The best part is, some even buy these dead stock because they are cheap! Have you ever see a person going to an aquarium shop to buy a dead fish or going to a florist shop to buy a dead plant?

No wonder Warren Buffett said that there is a perverse human characteristic that like to make easy thing difficult. I totally agree with him.