Chiwayland Int Ltd – Another Round Of Profit


There is an entry signal for this stock again. Hopefully, this Chiwayland Int Ltd will be my cash cow for 2105.

Buy only @ $0.32
Stop loss @ $0.285

I just realise that my Unit Trust seminar this saturday coincide with Valentine Day. To make this seminar a special and meaningful one, I decided that those who register for it, you can bring along another person for free. You can bring along your partner, spouse, friend, or buddy. Treat them to this financial seminar so that they can learn a lifelong skill and knowledge that will put them in good stead to grow their CPF and cash for retirement.

Especially for couple, if both can learn the same strategy and invest together, it will be a big step closer to reaching their financial goal or buying their next house.

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Today, I exited my good trade on Innovalues at $0.54 with a profit of 12.5% in 9 days!

I love this golden cash cow. It never failed to give me a nice profit.


I also exited my Chiwayland Int Ltd with a small profit.

All these stock calls were posted on this blog one day in advance. If you didn’t catch any or only a few of them, this shows that you are not suitable for trading. For these people, I would recommend you to invest in Unit Trust. At least you don’t lose money and it will double every 3 years.

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Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around  

Chiwayland Int Ltd – Look At That Big Ang Bao!


Look at that fabulous stock call on sunday and the wonderful trade done on Monday. 7% profit so far in 2 days !

This is how a world class ultimate sniper stock trading system can do to your trading account.

I hope this time round, many would have entered this good trade to receive this early big Ang Bao from me. Do hold on to this stock and wait patiently for money to drop slowly from the sky. I will post the exit signal here in the blog.

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Chiwayland Int Ltd

Yesterday, I concluded my first stock preview seminar for my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course. Great Turnout. Great Audience !

From the feedback of the audience, there are some who had missed the good trade on Innovalues. For this group of people who had missed the train, I have specifically selected this stock below for you. I will post the exit signal for this stock and innovalues on the blog so that you can exit with maximum profit. This is my Ang Bao to you for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Make sure you don’t miss it again!


Stop buy using CFD or buy only @ $0.285
Stop loss @ $0.23