China Sunsine – Another Good Trade For November

This stock was posted on Tuesday and yesterday it shot up by 7.9%.  It is indeed a marvellous stock.

While waiting for Adventus and Rowsley to give me a big New Year Gift, Mr Market gave me this yesterday to reward me for being patient.

As a trader or investor, our job is to be patient to wait for the stock to grow. To wait for the right signal to enter the market. And to wait for the right signal to exit the market.

No emotion involved. Don’t need to fear the Market. Don’t need to be greedy for profit. Just trade and invest according to the chart.

For those who missed this stock, today there is an entry signal again. This stock is really kind to give a second chance to those who have missed it before it really ran.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.49
Stop loss @ $0.42
One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away