China Env

2015Apr-China Env-800x600

Watch out for this stock in the next few days.

Buy only @ $0.205

The current bull run is already 6 year old and next week is the start of May. Will the infamous adage ‘Sell In May And Go Away’ still relevant in current market condition?

Most people lose money to the market due to ignorant.They don’t have the correct, up-to date knowledge, tool and system to handle the fast-changing market. They still cling on to their decade-year-old strategy/method to trade and invest. They are bound to get into trouble for themselves and their love ones.

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If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance.

China Env

2015Apr-China Env-800x600

Another trade signal from the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. Enjoy the trade!
If you are coming for my stock preview this saturday, use part of the profit to buy me a nice coffee.

Buy only @ $0.199
Stop loss @ $0.176

Four Good Trade A Month To Replace Your Miserable Income

China Env – The Big Fat Fish

Today, China Env had shot up by 18.7% in a day !!!

This fish had grown fatter day by day.

This stock call was posted here on Sunday and I entered it on Monday. Today, it had given me an AWESOME profit of 26% in just 5 days.

China Env is indeed my first GOOD TRADE of the year and of the month.

All Thanks to my ‘Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System‘ which will be revealed here next month.

Btw, my short trade on Swiber is still giving me dividend everyday. This is the best part of shorting a defenseless dead stock. It gives you money everyday in a safe and steady manner.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around 

China Env

This stock may start to run again after resting in the last few days. Watch for it !

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.186
The global market may experience a selling wave soon. And I hope that it will be a big one. The bigger the better!
Because usually after a market correction, my stock and investment account will grow fatter. We (myself, student and client) will be the most happy person on earth to see our money shot up and not affected by the market sell down while others are panicking, having sleepless night, and worrying that the sell down may turn into a bear market.  
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Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.