BreadTalk – Did You See It?

I love BreadTalk.

Whenever I entered into this stock, I am bound to make money from it – see here.

This time, I entered on 06/06/18 at $0.965 and it just shot up fiercely.

I exited one month later on 02/07/18 at $1.19, making an awesome profit of 23%.

I can’t ask for more considering the local stock market is in a mess now.

With the current market condition, it is very difficult to spot a stock that would give you this kind of profit.

But with patient and my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will get it!

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.


Last Friday, the US non-farm employment change was stronger than expected and its unemployment rate went down to 3.8%. It paints a strong picture of the labour force in US.

I expect the positive sentiment to flow into this week for the global stock market to perform well.

While searching for stock to go long, I came across breadtalk with a very nice uptrend.

This stock has been going up steadily since the start of the year and had a minor retracement last month.

Now that the risk is lower, it is a good time to enter again to ride the trend up.


Buy above $0.96

BreadTalk – One BIG Bar

I love Breadtalk. Every time I entered this stock, it will sure give me a profit.

This stock call was posted yesterday. Today, it gave me a profit of 4.3% to buy their premium bread for my breakfast and supper despite a down Asia market.

This is the benefit of owning a world class stock trading system whereby one can systematically extract money out of the market regularly.

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Life Is For Trading, Not Working.


This stock may start to run again after retracing for 2 months.

The daily transaction volume is small. Hence enter a small position if you want to buy it.

Stop buy or buy @ $1.355
Stop loss @ $1.30


1)Today, I have switched out all my clients’ Gold Unit Trust fund.
The movement of gold doesn’t seem to be strong. Hence, I had decided to switch out first.

2) Ezion
You can enter to short sell again using CFD account. See 9/7/14 posting here 

Stop sell or sell @ $1.98
Stop loss @ $2.05
Target : around $1.77