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Two months ago, I spotted this stock and profited from it amid a messy market as shown here. Although the market condition was turbulent, directionless and no liquidity, I can still abstract profit from it because of my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading system.

Today, there is a signal to enter and profit from it again.

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Stop buy or buy only @ 0.795
Stop loss @ 0.73

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Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Did You Enjoy The Ride Down Today?

As predicted by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, the STI came down by 0.8% today and most of the stocks are in the red.

My team of sniper traders, the sniper signal subscribers and I had exited all our long position last Friday and today, we shorted the market. We enjoyed our fast ride down and hoped that you too get the same experience.

Because of the wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, we are always ahead of the market. We knew exactly when the market will turn. This makes trading extremely easy and lucrative for us.

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Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Sniper Signal – The Game Changer

So far this week, all my Sniper Signal subscribers have a great time making money from the market. See below for the Sniper Signal posted on Sunday, 25 Oct 2015.


Some even request me to provide Sniper Signal for US market.


The Sniper Signal is a game changer in the trading arena.

You don’t need to torture yourself learning complicated trading strategy, pay for expensive data and screening software and spend hours analyzing the chart (and yet still lose money to the market) to be a profitable trader.

The Sniper signal will capture for you stocks that are about to make big moves in the market. You just need to pay $47/month, login to sniper signal every evening and spend 10 minutes of your time to key in the trade orders and make for yourself a few thousands dollar in profit regardless of whether you know anything about trading.

Trading was never this easy with Sniper Signal.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Sniper Signal.


EATECH is a nice uptrending stock. After a correction in August, it has started to resume its uptrend run again.


Stop buy or buy only @ 1.24
Stop loss @ 1.08
Enjoy the ride up!



Watch out for this penny stock. It is going to shot up soon.
For intraday trade only. Exit once profit is good.

Buy only @ $0.015

No stock call today

Currently, most of the stock in the singapore market is going through a sell down. STI is very near to the next resistant at 3400 as stated here.

The selling in Europe market still continues and US market does not look strong.
With such market outlook, I am staying on the sideline and wait for a clearer picture to emerge before I enter the market again. 


Today, my stop loss was triggered on my last trading position on Jason at $0.355 and I exited with a little profit. This stock was entered on 14/07/14 at $0.35 as posted here.

No stock call today

As stated last wednesday, 23/07/14, US market will pull back and European market will resume its selling again. I will wait for all these selling to be over before I assess the market for opportunity to enter again. In trading and investing, we need to be patient or else we will become a patient (financially).

Watch out for Blumont, Memstar and Riverstone.

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