I am back!

Hi everyone! A bit of update here. 2 years ago, the reason i shut down this blog was because i decided to devote more time to develop my own system to trade the financial market.

Today i have succeed in developing my own system to trade the stock, index and currency markets. I also developed a system to invest in the Unit Trust.

Today, the market move very fast and i believe Unit Trust investment will be the next financial instrument used to build our wealth in a safe and fast manner. It can helps one to capitalise on any opportunity arising from crisis from any part of the financial market instantly. I will show you the merit of Unit Trust in this blog.

I decided to continue to blog again because of  INFLATION. It is everywhere, local and overseas. I will provide information on good stock to trade and invest so that you will be able to grow your trading account or earn some extra cash to offset the high cost of living in Singapore.

Hope that the information shared on this blog will help many people in their financial journey to success!

United Envtech

United Envtech have resumed its uptrend after a two month pullback. Today it broke the resistant of $1.365 with high volume. Now is a good chance to enter this stock and ride the uptrend again.

Entry : $1.415
Exit : stop loss @ 1.29
1 45 46 47