Death of the US Dollar

This must watch video by Michael Maloney is about the collapse of the US dollar. Michael Maloney has done extensive research on Currencies, Gold and Silver. He revealed shocking statistic regarding the US dollar. Recently, increasing number of countries around the world are abandoning the US dollar as the standard currency in their international trade which lead to US dollar flowing back home and elevate its inflation rate.

This may be one of the factors which led to higher inflation rate in US in recent months.

Higher inflation rate will cause the US Fed to taper faster and increase the interest rate sooner than expected.
This may cause the US stock market to come down.

This could be one of the reasons why gold and silver rallied the last 2 days.

I wonder what will happen to US if QE1 to QE3 amount of dollar all flow back home!

Note that this is a fundamental news. We still trade and invest according to the chart. The chart moves, we moves!


From the chart, it shows the institutions (BBs) are not holding on to this stock and there is a double top formation. There may be a big plunge coming. watch for it !

Entry : short sell @ $2.06 using CFD a/c
Exit : $2.17

Gold – Exploded

Gold exploded and shot up through the rooftop yesterday a few hours after I posted on this blog that it is forming a double bottom according to my Unit Trust Investing System. This is how good my system is.

Currently, gold is being supported and bought up by the institution (BBs). Yesterday, the buying volume for spot gold and silver were huge.

You can enter again to buy gold or silver after a retracement. They still have a lot to run.


CWT is a nice trending stock to trade with high volume. After a pullback, it looks to resume its uptrend again

Entry : $1.725
Exit : Stop Loss @ $1.63


According to my Unit Trust Investing System, gold is forming a double bottom with a low risk level. The previous lows was at 1200 in 6/2013 and 12/2013. The last higher lows was at 1240 formed on 3/6/2014.
There is a resistant at 1305.

Fundamentally, gold is going up due to the turmoil in Iraq, the dispute in south china sea and the all time Market highs of US and European Market.

Currently, I am investing in gold and silver for the mid to long term as I feel that they have reached the bottom.

You can capitalise on this information by investing into a gold Unit Trust, ETF or spot gold ( XAU/USD).


Blumont is a mining stock. It is starting to reverse its down trend after 8 months of sell down. Huge volume seen in the last 2 weeks. A good stock to trade or invest in. One can also do intra trade on it, since this is a penny stock.

Entry : $0.071
Exit : stop loss @ $0.056

High Cost of Living and Casino Fuel Singapore Pawnshop Growth

There is an article today at bloomberg that attributed the proliferation of pawnshop in Singapore to the high cost of living and the 2 casino.

I feel sad for those who has pawned their valuable just to gamble at the casino. The probability of winning at casino is very small because the house always wins.

If these people had learnt the skill of trading or investing, they would have used the money to trade or invest wisely which have a much higher probability of winning. Their financial condition would be in a better state.

As mention in my blog yesterday, high cost of living in Singapore is a factor which motivates me to give information on good stock to trade and good unit trust to invest in so that more people can earn extra income to combat the high inflation rate – the ever increasing price of daily food essential, housing and our CPF minimum sum scheme, etc.

Do recommend your friend, relative and colleague to this blog so that they can benefit from it as well.

You can read more about the article below.

I am back!

Hi everyone! A bit of update here. 2 years ago, the reason i shut down this blog was because i decided to devote more time to develop my own system to trade the financial market.

Today i have succeed in developing my own system to trade the stock, index and currency markets. I also developed a system to invest in the Unit Trust.

Today, the market move very fast and i believe Unit Trust investment will be the next financial instrument used to build our wealth in a safe and fast manner. It can helps one to capitalise on any opportunity arising from crisis from any part of the financial market instantly. I will show you the merit of Unit Trust in this blog.

I decided to continue to blog again because of  INFLATION. It is everywhere, local and overseas. I will provide information on good stock to trade and invest so that you will be able to grow your trading account or earn some extra cash to offset the high cost of living in Singapore.

Hope that the information shared on this blog will help many people in their financial journey to success!

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