After going down in the last 3 months due to technological and trade war between the US and China, Hi-P is nicely supported at $1.12 and has shown sign of recovering probably due to the latest truce agreed over the weekend at the G20 summit .

Currently, all technical are in place and I am going to long this stock if it goes above $1.48 tomorrow.



AEM has been on a nice uptrend for the past few months.

Buyers seem to be slowly accumulating it and pushing the price up.

Today, it broke a minor resistance level at $1.02.

I will be looking to long this stock.


Yoma had broken its long term downtrend line and is poised to go up.

The trend may have reversed to uptrend.

From the chart, the price action and buyers are coming in strongly. I will be looking to long this stock to ride the trend up.

Watch for it!

Our Unit Trust Performance In 2018

Today, I did a review of our Unit Trust performance in 2018

In 2018, the Dow Jones Index peaked on 3 Oct. Since then, it had dropped 20% swiftly in 2 months and went into a bear market on 24 Dec, just before the holiday celebration.

European and Asia market were affected and dived as well

Most people who had invested in the market via Unit Trust or ETF would have suffered losses and many sleepless night.

For us, we exited the US equity market on 30 Aug and kept our fund fully invested in Singapore bond till today. We did not suffer any losses. Instead, our profit grew steadily in this volatile, treacherous bear market.

Below is one of the students Unit Trust investment porfolio. Her investment grew from $369 585 to $381 681 during this chaotic period.

We are able to achieve such performance because of our Unit Trust Investing System. By simply following the signal given by the system, our investment will grow steadily and safely regardless of market condition and direction.

Learn It Once. Make Money For Life.

SBI Offshore

Using my trading companion, I manage to screen out SBI Offshore for my trading tomorrow.

From the chart, after being flat and without liquidity for a year, buyers and liquidity seem to be back.

There are also sign that the downtrend may have reversed.

Watch for it!

Buy above $0.092

Enjoy the trade!

JB Foods

Today, using my trading companion, I managed to screen out JB Foods as a potential trade for tomorrow.

JB Foods had been going up from November 2017 to March 2018 and since then it has consolidated for 4 months.

There are signs it may start to move again.

Buy above $0.625


Ifast – Did You See It!

Today, ifast gaped up and shot up to a high of $1.17 before closing 3.7% higher at $1.13.

This stock pick was posted on my stock discussion group Singapore Stock Market Daily Stock Pick on 23 July 2018 for the public to profit from potential stock screened out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Those who bought this stock can continue to hold as there is more profit to come.

In Singapore if you just leave your money in CPF, save in bank fixed deposit or insurance policy, you can never retire because the return is much lower than the cost of living and inflation rate.

You must either trade or investment your money so that you are able to retire especially in this age where the young(smart and savvy) and the robot(artificial intelligent) may take away your job anytime.

It is with this reason that whenever there are good stocks filtered out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will post it on the net so that you can enjoy some of the best things in life.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

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