SBI Offshore

Using my trading companion, I manage to screen out SBI Offshore for my trading tomorrow.

From the chart, after being flat and without liquidity for a year, buyers and liquidity seem to be back.

There are also sign that the downtrend may have reversed.

Watch for it!

Buy above $0.092

Enjoy the trade!

JB Foods

Today, using my trading companion, I managed to screen out JB Foods as a potential trade for tomorrow.

JB Foods had been going up from November 2017 to March 2018 and since then it has consolidated for 4 months.

There are signs it may start to move again.

Buy above $0.625


Ifast – Did You See It!

Today, ifast gaped up and shot up to a high of $1.17 before closing 3.7% higher at $1.13.

This stock pick was posted on my stock discussion group Singapore Stock Market Daily Stock Pick on 23 July 2018 for the public to profit from potential stock screened out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Those who bought this stock can continue to hold as there is more profit to come.

In Singapore if you just leave your money in CPF, save in bank fixed deposit or insurance policy, you can never retire because the return is much lower than the cost of living and inflation rate.

You must either trade or investment your money so that you are able to retire especially in this age where the young(smart and savvy) and the robot(artificial intelligent) may take away your job anytime.

It is with this reason that whenever there are good stocks filtered out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will post it on the net so that you can enjoy some of the best things in life.

The Best Things In Life Are Free


Venture is a very nice trendy stock that reached its peak on April 2018 and since then, it had come down.

The pace of selling had slowed recently and buyers seem to be coming back to scoop up the discounted shares.

There are signs signaling this retracement may have ended.

Watch for it.

Buy above $18.25

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

BreadTalk – Did You See It?

I love BreadTalk.

Whenever I entered into this stock, I am bound to make money from it – see here.

This time, I entered on 06/06/18 at $0.965 and it just shot up fiercely.

I exited one month later on 02/07/18 at $1.19, making an awesome profit of 23%.

I can’t ask for more considering the local stock market is in a mess now.

With the current market condition, it is very difficult to spot a stock that would give you this kind of profit.

But with patient and my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will get it!

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Mapletree Industrial Trust

Tomorrow night after the US federal reserve meeting, the federal fund rate will be increased to 2%.

As mentioned here, as interest rate goes up, Reits will come down.

Hence, I will be selecting a Reit to short tomorrow after my marvelous short on Suntec Reit three months ago.

After browsing and analyzing the chart of all the available Reits, I chose Mapletree Industrial Trust because the chart simply asked me to short it!

Short below $1.93

If Not Now, When?


Last Friday, the US non-farm employment change was stronger than expected and its unemployment rate went down to 3.8%. It paints a strong picture of the labour force in US.

I expect the positive sentiment to flow into this week for the global stock market to perform well.

While searching for stock to go long, I came across breadtalk with a very nice uptrend.

This stock has been going up steadily since the start of the year and had a minor retracement last month.

Now that the risk is lower, it is a good time to enter again to ride the trend up.


Buy above $0.96

If Not Now, When?

During the last financial crisis in 2008, central banks from all around the world scramble to reduce interest rate via qualitative easing in a bid to stimulate growth.

With a low interest rate environment, the Reit sector will attract investor and do well because it gave out good dividend which is higher than the prevailing interest rate.

Today, with the US unwinding their qualitative easing program and the EU and Japan following suit, global interest rate will go up and Reit will longer be an attractive instrument for investment.

Hence, from now on, I am looking to short Reit whenever I see an opportunity.

Tomorrow I will be looking at Suntec Reit.


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