Best World

Last Saturday, I had a wonderful time teaching the new batch of Unit Trust Investing students valuable skill and knowledge to steadily and safely grow their idle CPF and cash fund by capitalizing on any investing opportunity anywhere in the world. Some commented it was an eye opener for them. With the new knowledge, they will be richer.

As I always mention in my seminar, the rich are wealthy not because they have 4 legs or 2 brains, it is because they know more than others. They have new/more knowledge which enable them to earn more money.

Those who attended the stock preview will also know how to handle the current market condition and how to trade Rex International. They too have gained some trading knowledge and will be more profitable.

Today, there is an entry signal again for Best World – the stock that know of only one direction. This stock was also posted here on 7/3/2016.

2016Apr-Best World-800x600

Buy only @ 0.465

Learn It Once, Make Money For Life.