Alternative Investment

Yesterday, there was another case of investors losing their retirement and children educational fund to alternative investment. From the report, about 260 investors lost around $35 million as the company disappeared overnight. You can read it here.

Every year, there will be at least one such company disappeared overnight. Example are Gold Guaranteed, Profitable Land, and Ecohouse. Recently, there are advertisement in the newspapers advertising investment in hydroponics vegetable, and ornamental fishes. These are not MAS regulated company and by investing with them, investors are exposing themselves and their money to greatest risk.

This is one of the reason why I always advocate investor to invest their money in Unit Trust. It is MAS regulated and is protected by a trustee. With Unit Trust, you can invest anywhere in the world, it is liquid and there is no tie down period.

Below is a statement from one of my students who just exited his investment in japan fund.

Jap chart


He entered japan fund on 18/12/2014 at $0.73 and exited on 29/01/15 at $0.76, earning a handsome profit of $12 400 in one month. His investment account has been growing steadily from $298 875 in 9/9/14 till $313 954 today. This is what I meant by extracting profit consistently from the global market and growing your money in a safe and steady manner. I am expecting this account to reach $1 million in 5 years time since my Unit Trust Investment strategy is able to help him double his money once every 3 years.

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