Alternative Investment – Seaweed Farm

Last thursday, another alternative investment company investing in seaweed farm went bust in Singapore. About 20 investors investing more than $1.37 million fell victim to it. A housewife even invested more than $600 000 after being promised returns of up to three times her capital. Read more here.

Every year, it is reported in the news that there is at least one such company went bust or disappeared overnight in Singapore. Example are Profitable Land, Gold Guarantee, Ecohouse, etc. These investors never learn the lesson of others. Once money is lost investing with these boutique firm, it is almost impossible to recover back.

This is the reason why at Money In The Chart, we advocate the use of Unit Trust for investing our hard-earned money because it is MAS regulated, low cost, predictable, liquid and you can invest anywhere in the world when opportunity arises.

This Saturday, I am having a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach the public how to use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit regularly from the global market to grow their CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. I will also show them how to double their money once every 3 years using the system. Register for it here.