About Us

Money In The Chart is a company dedicated to provide premium stock trading and investment course to the public.

We take pride in our unsurpassed trading and investing systems and believe we are the ultimate solution to every trader and investor’s problem.

Today, we are widely recognised by the people who are involved in stock trading and investment because of the unique strategies we use to extract profit consistently from the market. There is no doubt we impressed and caught the attention of many people through our highly accurate stock pick, our forecast of market turns and our laser sharp entry and exit from the market.

We know that there are numerous people who want to get into the world of trading and investing. The only problem is that they are not properly guided on how to be successful. We would love to work with these people to equip them with the correct knowledge, tool, and system so that they can become good trader and investor.


The Person Behind Money In The Chart

Behind the success and mission of this company, there is one person who diligently and patiently monitors its plan, execution and performance.

He is R L, who graduated from the National University of Singapore with 3 Degrees – Master of Social Science Degree (Applied Economics, Specialising In Investment), Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree (Economics) and Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics and Mathematics).

R L developed a world class Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System which gives him an edge in the stock market that enable him to consistently capture all big moves regardless of market condition and direction.

He also created a breakthrough proprietary Unit Trust Investing System (first in the market) that helped many double their CPF and cash investment once every 3 years through Unit Trust investing.