A Sea of Red Again

Today, the heavy selling continues for the fourth day for the Asia market because of China fixing its daily yuan at a sharply lower rate.

STI dropped 2.7% and had broken a major support line with a BIG down bar. Many are dismayed of their losses in the past four days. Some had totally given up hope while others are praying a miracle (or good news) will happen that will save their trading account.

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In trading, you either win a lot or lose a lot. Today, the market had changed. It moves very fast. If you don’t have the correct knowledge, tool and system, it will be prudent not to touch it.

Due to this week market condition, I will be doing a ‘Special Market Update’ for this Saturday stock course preview. I will be sharing my personal view of the market. If you having burning question, do bring them up during the seminar.

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