Ifast – Did You See It!

Today, ifast gaped up and shot up to a high of $1.17 before closing 3.7% higher at $1.13.

This stock pick was posted on my stock discussion group Singapore Stock Market Daily Stock Pick on 23 July 2018 for the public to profit from potential stock screened out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Those who bought this stock can continue to hold as there is more profit to come.

In Singapore if you just leave your money in CPF, save in bank fixed deposit or insurance policy, you can never retire because the return is much lower than the cost of living and inflation rate.

You must either trade or investment your money so that you are able to retire especially in this age where the young(smart and savvy) and the robot(artificial intelligent) may take away your job anytime.

It is with this reason that whenever there are good stocks filtered out by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will post it on the net so that you can enjoy some of the best things in life.

The Best Things In Life Are Free


Venture is a very nice trendy stock that reached its peak on April 2018 and since then, it had come down.

The pace of selling had slowed recently and buyers seem to be coming back to scoop up the discounted shares.

There are signs signaling this retracement may have ended.

Watch for it.

Buy above $18.25

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

BreadTalk – Did You See It?

I love BreadTalk.

Whenever I entered into this stock, I am bound to make money from it – see here.

This time, I entered on 06/06/18 at $0.965 and it just shot up fiercely.

I exited one month later on 02/07/18 at $1.19, making an awesome profit of 23%.

I can’t ask for more considering the local stock market is in a mess now.

With the current market condition, it is very difficult to spot a stock that would give you this kind of profit.

But with patient and my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I will get it!

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.