Banyan Tree

After a month of retracement, Banyan Tree was very bullish today and it shot up to close higher at 5.9%.

It is being supported nicely by the uptrend line and has a trade setup for trading tomorrow.

Delong – Did You See It?

Today, this champion gaped up again to open at $4.80, went to a high of $5.07 and closed 5.8% higher at $4.90.

It is indeed rare to see a stock gaped up 2 times in a row and I am glad my trading system is able to pick up such gems for trading.

This stock pick was posted here and in the facebook yesterday and I hope you enjoyed the show and the profit in your trading account.

This week, I am fully contended to have 2 good trades in a row that gave me a fast and awesome profit that is more than enough to cover my Chinese New Year expenses.

Nothing Beats Trading And Investing


This champion gaped up and closed 20% higher today.

A very trendy stock with a superb trade set-up, I will be looking to scoop up this stock tomorrow.


Hi-P – Did You See It?

An awesome performance by Hi-P this morning where STI and most stocks are in the red!

It just shot up 6.3% swiftly from $2.21 to $2.35 after the market opens.

As the move is pretty fast and the profit is decent, I closed my position and use the fast cash earned to pay for the expenses I incurred during last week Chinese New Year Celebration.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Frencken and Hi-P

Today is the first trading day after Chinese New Year and the STI rallied to add to the festive cheers by closing higher at 1.27%.

Majority of the stocks also went up and it seem like buyers are back again after the recent market correction.

Two stocks caught my attention and they will be in my trading list for this week.

Frencken gaped up today and closed strongly.

Hi-P is a very trendy stock and also closed strongly.