Genting Sing

Genting is a very trendy stock that is ideal for trading.

Today, after resting for 2 months, it surged 4.5%.

The buyers are back and this signals the start of a new wave.

I always tell others that one of the easiest and stress-free method to beat the house is by trading its stock. Not gambling in the casino.

I will be looking to beat the house by entering this stock tomorrow.

LionGold, Blumont

I am sure many of you would still remember the 3 infamous stocks – Blumont, LionGold, Asiason, that crashed to $0.001 and caused many to lose billions in the Singapore Stock Exchange a few years ago.

Today, after hovering at $0.001 for the past 2 years, they are showing sign of life.

Blumont had shot up aggressively to $0.007 in the last few days.

LionGold crept up to $0.003.

I love these kind of stocks which give me an INSANE risk-reward ratio. If I am wrong, I suffer a small loss. If I am right, I enjoy a BIG profit.

Memtech Int

Just went through my watchlist and spotted Memtech Int with a fantastic trade set up.

This stock just went through a minor correction in November 2017 and rebounded strongly in the last 2 days.

It seem like another wave of uptrend is coming.