Japan Fund – Fourth Round of Profit

Last week, we just exited our investment in Japan unit trust fund with a nice profit of 3.5% after holding for 6 weeks.

Year to date, this is the fourth time we had extracted profit from Japan fund and in total, we had accumulated 15.9% from it. See here how we do it.

Below is one of the students investment account. She invested $170 143 into GreatLink Lion Japan Growth Fund(Code:31) on 29/08/16 at $0.692 as there is an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing System.

She exited last week on 12/10/16 at $0.716 with an investment value of $176 044, earning a cool profit of $5900 in 6 weeks.


Right now, we are at the sideline waiting patiently for our next investment opportunity.

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient Financially.