Market Outlook

Today, most Asian and the European markets rallied strongly following gains in U.S. equities overnight after Fed chair Janet Yellen struck a dovish tone in a speech to the Economic Club of New York.

She totally contradicted the four Fed presidents who spoke last week of a sooner than expected rate hike. She also noted the mixed readings on the strength of the U.S. economy since the beginning of the year.

The DJ closed exactly at its resistant line as shown in the chart. It needs to break this resistant line in order to move higher.

2016Mar-Dow Jones Averages Industrial Average-800x600

Coincidentally, the STI is also near its resistant line. It too need to break this line to go higher.


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The Money Is In The Chart.

Rex International

Did you enjoy the show today performed by First Resources(albeit late by one day)?

I hope you do and make for yourself some easy money from the market!

This is the second time I caught it this year. With a proven trading system, you can replicate Good Trades like this anytime, anywhere. 

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Today, I also spotted Rex International with a superb price action. If you are a gambler or those who hanker for BIG fat, fast and easy profit, this trade is for you. Courtesy of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

2016Mar-Rex Intl-800x600

Buy only @ 0.124
For intraday trade only

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

First Resources

I love the current market now.

Despite yesterday bombing of the Zaventem airport in Brussels by terrorist, the global market continue to power up. This is a good testimony of the current strength of the bull.

Today, First Resources had a superb trade set-up. See how it shot up tomorrow.

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Buy only @ 2.05
Stop loss @ 1.96

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Trade And Invest According To The Chart. No ‘If’, No ‘But’. 

Three Big Bars In A Week

This week had been a fantastic one for me so far in 2016 where trading is concern. I entered only 3 stocks – Cogent, Yoma and Spackman, and all of them gave me one BIG bar each.

Cogent was posted here on Saturday, 12/3/16 and I entered on Monday, 14/3/16. The next day, it just shot up.


Yoma was also posted here on Monday, 14/3/16 and I entered the next day on Tuesday, 15/3/16. On Friday, it just shot up.

2016Mar-Yoma Strategic-800x600

Spackman was again posted here on Thursday, 17/3/16. As usual, the next day, it just shot up.


Till today, I am still baffled by those who trade with a watchlist. They have 5 – 10 stocks to buy at any one time and they are always in a dilemma as to which one to choose. Suppose they selected and entered 5 stocks. When some or all of these stocks move against them, they panicked and bend/broke their trading rules. Some even take profit fast on their winners and let the losers run. This is not trading. This is financial suicide.

Real trading is you have a strategy that systematically generate only 1 or 2 stocks for you to trade and manage comfortably at any one time. If you are right, you ride the BIG move up. If you are wrong you cut a small loss. You don’t need to trade big to get BIG profit. This is what my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System is created for and is calibrated to catch BIG moves in the market.

Till today, if you are still not successful in trading, you can change your fate and be like me by just following the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. Your job is just to execute the trading signal generated and see your account grows fatter day by day.

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You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.


This morning, US Fed chair Janet Yellen gave more than what traders wanted by giving a more dovish view than what the market is expecting and cutting the number of rate hikes this year to two.

The Fed also acknowledged current global economic and financial developments continue to pose risks to US economic growth.

With the US, European, Japan and China central banks all out to support economic growth, there is no better time than now to make money from the market.

Today, Spackman closed very strongly and is likely to breakout tomorrow. Don’t miss it!


Buy only @ 0.135

One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away

Cogent – One Super BIG Bar

Oh my god! Did you see it? … One Super BIG Up Bar.

Today, Cogent gaped up at $0.50, went to a high of $0.54 and closed 5.2% higher at $0.51.

As usual, this stock was picked up by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System (my money printing machine) and posted here 3 days ago on Saturday.


Recently, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) annual survey revealed that Singapore is the most expensive city to live in the world for the third year running. Undeniably, Singapore will be one of the most expensive city to live in for the foreseeable future. Rising cost of living is like a terminal illness, it can only get worse. 

Fortunately for me, I am not affected by it and have the freedom to do the things I love in life because of my Trading and Investing systems.

It Is Not What You Know. It Is What You Do That Matters.


This week, traders will focus on Bank of Japan and the US Fed meeting for cue on the direction of the market and the timing of the next interest rate increase.

For local market, Yoma closed very strongly today and it will continue to run in the next few days. This stock is good for long term investment and to expose your portfolio to Myanmar(the next big thing).

2016Mar-Yoma Strategic-800x600

Buy only @ 0.54


Yesterday, the global market rallied strongly and most of the European markets closed around 3.5% higher. This is an endorsement of the ECB expanded monetary stimulus package.

In the near term, the market will be bullish with central banks taking pro active measures to increase growth and the crude oil prices steadily going up due to less supply from non-OPEC producers coming into the market.

For Monday trading, Cogent is in my buying list because of its nice set up. This stock has been going up since last November and is not affected by the brutal sell down in the first 2 months of 2016.


Buy only @ 0.49
Stop loss @ 0.46

Best World

The global market have been going up for the past one month and I expect a pull back soon before it can run further.

Crude oil prices went up substantially last friday and this caused the local oil related stocks to rally. Do watch out for mid-cap oil related stocks as the downtrend for crude oil prices may have reversed.

For tomorrow trading, I had spotted Best World with a fantastic trade set up. This stock only know of one direction – that is up!

2016Mar-Best World-800x600

Buy only @ 0.42
Stop loss @ 0.375

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