Last friday, the central bank of Japan adopted a negative interest rate for the first time and the global market cheered. STI closed up 2.60% and the S&P 500 closed strongly at 2.5%. The global risk-on is back again.

SMRT was moving up very strongly in the last four days. It reported a nice set of profit last week and from the price action, it indicated more good news may be coming. Watch for it closely!


Buy only @ 1.53
Stop loss @ 1.46

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Once A Trader, Always A Trader.

Did You Catch This Cash Cow?

Everytime I entered into Innovalues, it will always give me a profit without fail. Today is no exception. It moves an awesome 6% in a day.

As usual, this stock pick was posted yesterday and the next day it just shot up.

All thanks to my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. It will alert me when a stock is about to make BIG moves in the market. It also enable me to know when the market will turn, thus making stock trading a breeze for me.


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Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

HTL International

While scanning through the charts for trading opportunity tomorrow, I spotted HTL international with a nice set up.

Hopefully, it will shot up in time to give me another Ang Bao to pay for my Chinese New Year celebration in 2 weeks time. 

2016Jan-HTL Intl-800x600

Buy only @ 0.755
Stop loss @ 0.70


The global market rebound strongly last Thursday after ECB chief Mario Draghi hinted that new stimulus may be forthcoming at the central bank meeting in March. There are also expectation that the central bank of Japan may ease further at this Friday meeting.

Now is a good time to hunt for fundamentally good battered stock to go long as the central banks are out to support the market again after a sell down.

Innovalues is one of my cash cows for the past 2 years. It is one of the strongest stock that is not affected by the atrocious selling in the last 3 weeks. It has rested for two and a half month and seem poised to run again.

Watch for it!


Buy only @ 0.82
Stop loss @ 0.76


Yesterday evening, the US market again gaped up but this time round, it went all the way down till market close and lost 2.5%. What an amazing smooth ride down!

Many are disillusioned at the last 9 days of intensive selling in the global market. Some had given up on share trading while others blindly listen to friends and rumour and try to buy low. In the end, their share prices get even lower.

With my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I am not held hostage by the market. Instead, I control and know where the market is going. From my chart, this round of global selling is done. Right now, I am looking for signal to long the market.

Today, I spotted SingHaiyi with a nice rebound pattern. Hopefully, tomorrow it will break the resistant $0.115 and chiong all the way up to be my another big Ang Bao for this year.


Buy only @ 0.116


Yesterday evening, the US market had a roller coaster ride. It gaped up, came down and rally back again. Hopefully, today it will have a sustained rally up.

While waiting for confidence to return back to the market, I will short sell Hyflux to collect some dividend.

While others still follow the old way of investing for dividend, I short dead stocks to collect dividend everyday when the market is down. Hyflux is one of my favourite stocks for doing that. Click here to see how I do it.


Sell only using CFD @ 0.51
Stop loss @ 0.555

Did You Catch This Champion Today?

Oh my god! Did you see it?

31% profit in one day and in a trading day where 95% of the stocks are deep down in the red. 

This stock call was captured by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System and posted here yesterday for all to see and make some fast cash.

The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System is a momentum stock trading system. It is used in a trending and non-trending market to catch stocks that are about to make BIG moves.

2016Jan-China Sports-800x600

As shown and proven countless times, with the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can make money from trading anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection, regardless of market condition and direction.

China Sports

Recently, in the midst of the global sell down, S-chip have been stealthy creeping up. This is good news for intraday traders and gamblers who like fast cash.

China Sports is a potential candidate for tomorrow intraday trading. Enjoy!

2016Jan-China Sports-800x600

Buy only @ 0.021

A Sea of Red Again

Today, the heavy selling continues for the fourth day for the Asia market because of China fixing its daily yuan at a sharply lower rate.

STI dropped 2.7% and had broken a major support line with a BIG down bar. Many are dismayed of their losses in the past four days. Some had totally given up hope while others are praying a miracle (or good news) will happen that will save their trading account.

2016Jan-Straits Times-800x600

In trading, you either win a lot or lose a lot. Today, the market had changed. It moves very fast. If you don’t have the correct knowledge, tool and system, it will be prudent not to touch it.

Due to this week market condition, I will be doing a ‘Special Market Update’ for this Saturday stock course preview. I will be sharing my personal view of the market. If you having burning question, do bring them up during the seminar.

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance.

Singapore O&G

Two months ago, I spotted this stock and profited from it amid a messy market as shown here. Although the market condition was turbulent, directionless and no liquidity, I can still abstract profit from it because of my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading system.

Today, there is a signal to enter and profit from it again.

2016Jan-Singapore O&G-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.795
Stop loss @ 0.73

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