Singapore O&G

This week, the market is pretty quiet and nothing to trade until today I spotted Singapore O&G with a superb trade set-up.

This stock was listed recently on 4/6/15 and has been performing well.

2015Nov-Singapore O&G-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.785
Stop loss @ 0.735

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient Financially.

Market Outlook

Yesterday night the US markets all shot up after the release of last month Fed meeting minutes. Market participant interpreted the minutes as likely the Fed will hike its interest rate in December.

Currently the S&P 500 looks bullish. It is well supported and went up again yesterday.

2015Nov-S&P 500-800x600

Likewise for Germany DAX, it is well supported.

2015Nov-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

For STI, it looks weak and still in a downtrend. Hopefully, the rally in S&P 500 will pull it up.

2015Nov-Straits Times-800x600


Yesterday, I read about a bad report on Noble latest quarterly earning. Its credit rating is undergoing a review and may be downgraded in the near future. This will cause its borrowing cost to go up resulting in lower cash flow for the company.

Technically, noble chart looks horrible and bearish. And I love to short such stock to collect dividend everyday (not once or twice a year). 2015Nov-Noble-800x600

Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 0.41
Stop loss @ 0.46

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Learn It Once. Make Money For Life.

Genting – Did You Short It?

Today, Genting dive down again to close at -3.2% after jumping down last Friday.

This stock pick was posted here on Saturday for all to make money from it.

It is a dead and dying stock and I will continue to short it to collect dividend everyday to pay for my next trip to Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

This is what the stock market is suppose to do. Pay for your monthly bills, your car instalment, your insurance premium, your retirement fund and your next holiday trip. But sad to say, in reality, it is the opposite.2015Nov-Genting Sing-800x600

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Trading Is Difficult. Don’t Make It Worse.

Sodastream Int Ltd

While going through my watchlist for US stock to short later in the evening, I spotted Sodastream International Ltd with a fantastic trade set-up.

After resting and consolidating for 3 months, it is time for it to go down again. 2015Nov-Sodastream International Ltd-800x600

Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 13.52
Stop loss @ 14.70

Market Outlook

Currently, the STI is still in a long term downtrend and is very bearish now. Its first selling wave was started on 27 October 2015. And the current second selling wave started on 6 November 2015.2015Nov-Straits Times-800x600

This week would be a very fantastic one for shorting and I expect to receive my early Christmas present again this year from Santa Clause (the market).

I would short Genting when market opens on Monday as it had announced an atrocious set of result last Thursday. The company is bleeding and the stock is dying.

Just short it to enjoy the fast ride down!2015Nov-Genting Sing-800x600

Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 0.77
Stop loss @ 0.85

In Trading, You Either Lose A Lot Or Win A Lot.

Is Stock Trading Worth Your Time, Money and Effort?

Before you start trading the stock market, consider carefully whether it is worth your time and money.

Since you are going into the stock market, most likely you are planning to get a higher return for your money which should be better than what you would otherwise get by investing it into mutual fund or fixed deposit in the bank where return are almost guaranteed.

Well, how can you achieve such return? The answer is simple and well known: buy low, sell high. If you do it most of the time you’ll be a successful trader. But the first problem is how do you know when to buy? There are probably several ways to do it. Let’s assume you know and the stock went up after you bought it.

Another problem is when to sell? After the stock went up by 20%, what do you do? Sell now, or wait until it is up 50%, 100% or 200%? Do you listen to news and do what everybody else does – sell, buy more, or continue to hold the stock? If you choose one of the first two options, how much should you buy or sell? Or if you hold the stock, are you sure it will continue to go up, or you may end up waiting until the stock price falls back to its original value and lose all the profit.

The truth is some people do know the answers to those questions and make profit consistently from the market. The question is, are you as good as them? Majority are losing money guessing and trying to time the market.

If you are new to stock trading and not planning to spend much time on education and research, chances are you will lose. You will be competing with professional traders, big players and insiders who profit immensely from the 90% who keep losing.

Some may argue: I had that stock, I sold it when it was up 20%, but if I did not sell it at that time, now it would be up 300%. How stupid I was when I sold it. If I did not, I would have made a lot of money. I have to do it again. It shows and proves that I can make a lot of money and it’s easy!

That is right you can make a lot of money, but it is not that easy as it seems. Let’s assume you did not sell the stock at the time it was up 20%. Then what makes you think you would wait until it is up 300%? You may have sold it when it was up only 25%. Or it may go down and you sold it with a lower than 20% profit.

The bottom line is it is easy to look at the past and see all the mistakes you’ve made. Unless you know market trends and technical analysis well,most likely you will not be able to make profitable trades. If you are not a professional trader or not planning to become one, your best bet would be to invest in mutual funds or your own business.

We Started The Week Well

We started this trading week well, especially the sniper signal subscribers and those who attended last Saturday sniper signal seminar because we entered into Sino Grandness and CEFC Int. During the seminar, I highlighted and discussed these 2 stocks and reminded all to buy CEFC Int.2015Nov-CEFC Intl-800x6002015Nov-Sino Grandness-800x600

These 2 stock picks were also posted in the sniper signal on Sunday.

11 nov 2015

The sniper signal is derived from the ultimate sniper stock trading system where it captures all BIG moves in the market. Unlike other trading strategies, you don’t need to trade big to earn big profit.

We only trade small size so that if we are wrong we cut a small loss. If we are right, we ride the BIG move up. Our big profit is more than enough to cover all our small losses. In this way, there is no chance we can suffer losses and our trading account will continue to grow regardless of market condition and direction.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Sino Grandness

US markets closed mixed Friday, but held solid gains for the week after a strong October jobs report increased likelihood of a December interest rate hike.

Currently, markets were pricing in a 70 percent probability of an interest rate hike this December.

Right now, the US and European market are in an over-bought condition but they will continue to grind up everyday till a bad news or data appears.

For tomorrow trading, my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System manage to pick up Sino Grandness for long. 2015Nov-Sino Grandness-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.405
Stop loss @ 0.375

Market Outlook

Currently, the STI is flat.2015Nov-Straits Times-800x600

S&P had hit the resistant and came down yesterday.2015Nov-S&P 500-800x600

Likewise, for Germany DAX.2015Nov-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

Right now, all eyes are at this Friday US non-farm employment change and its unemployment rate. Whether the global market will break their resistant level and run again or they will turn back down depends on these number to be announced tomorrow evening at 9.30pm Singapore time.

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