This week, I expect the STI to go through a selling wave.

From tomorrow onwards, I am going to short the market and enjoy the fast ride down.

If you want to join me in this ride, here is a stock to short it down2015Oct-Silverlake Axis-800x600

Stop sell or Stop limit sell using CFD @ 0.57
Stop loss @ 0.63

Market Outlook

Yesterday, the US Federal Reserve hold off from increasing the interest rate and signaled an increase in interest rate is still possible in December 2015.

Many are confuse with the Fed mixed signal. Thus I decided to do a market outlook here according to chart analysis.

After going up for 3 weeks, the global market need to take a rest.

STI had hit the resistant line and came down for the last 3 days.2015Oct-Straits Times-800x600

US S&P 500 and Germany DAX will hit the resistant line soon.2015Oct-S&P 500-800x600

2015Oct-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

I expect the global market to experience a selling wave soon.

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I will also highlight which Unit Trust fund to look out for to catch the next rebound in the global market to maximize your return.

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Sniper Signal – The Game Changer

So far this week, all my Sniper Signal subscribers have a great time making money from the market. See below for the Sniper Signal posted on Sunday, 25 Oct 2015.


Some even request me to provide Sniper Signal for US market.


The Sniper Signal is a game changer in the trading arena.

You don’t need to torture yourself learning complicated trading strategy, pay for expensive data and screening software and spend hours analyzing the chart (and yet still lose money to the market) to be a profitable trader.

The Sniper signal will capture for you stocks that are about to make big moves in the market. You just need to pay $47/month, login to sniper signal every evening and spend 10 minutes of your time to key in the trade orders and make for yourself a few thousands dollar in profit regardless of whether you know anything about trading.

Trading was never this easy with Sniper Signal.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Sniper Signal.

Did You Enjoy The Show Today?

Did you witness how Debao Property shot up today? Shiok right!

This is the second time I caught this stock. See how I caught it on 7 Oct here.

2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System can decipher what the Big Boys are doing in the market and thus ride on them.

Can your trading strategy/system do the same? If not, abandon it because trading is the rich and Big Boys game and if you cannot piggyback on them, 101% you will lose.

This Saturday, I will be holding a Unit Trust Investing seminar, teaching strategy where you can use to invest in any part of the global market to capture this rebound to grow your idle CPF and cash fund. If you want to learn how to double your money once every 3 years, do register for it here.

Knowledge, Tool, System.

Debao Property

I love the market. It pays for my 9 days holiday and while I am enjoying myself overseas, it is flat and seem to be waiting for me to come back to extract more money from it.

The next few days will be very good for trading and making some extra easy money.

Debao Property has a very nice set up. See how it just shot up tomorrow. Enjoy!2015Oct-Debao Property-800x600

Stop buy or Stop limit buy @ 0.059
Stop loss @ 0.047

Market Outlook

This week, as always, the market moves accordingly as predicted by my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. 

As show below, the STI will resume its uptrend movement. 2015Oct-Straits Times-800x600

Do take note of the S-chip in Singapore market. They are rallying as recently China announced the market correction in China is over.

Tomorrow, I will be going for a 9 days all expenses paid for holiday (paid for by the market). Till I come back from my holiday, you have an enjoyable ride up and profitable trading week ahead!

Do check back again on 25/10/15 for the hottest stock to trade.

A slow And Steady Global Rebound

The global market continue to grind up slowly and steadily and this is a good sign because as more people see the market going up each day, they will join in and this will cause the rally to last longer, hopefully till year end.

After a week of strong rebound in the STI, I am looking for a minor retracement before the upside continues.

For tomorrow trading, I manage to squeeze out this stock. Probably the last one to shot up for this round of buying.


Stop buy or buy only @ 0.054
Stop loss @ 0.044

Another Great Day For Us!

Today, we had another great day trading the market.

I hope you manage to get some action from the market as well.

Recently, I received many email queries asking more detail about the Sniper Signal. Like typical ‘Kiasu’ and ‘Kiasi’ Singaporean, they want to know more before subscribing to it.

Hence, I decided to show here what is contained inside the sniper signal blog.

Below are 3 screenshots for the last 2 week of sniper signal. The red arrow indicates the signal was triggered the next day and you entered the trade. No arrow means the signal is not triggered and you are not in the trade.



Most of the stock posted in the sniper signal, they just shot up the next day. You get a few thousands dollar in profit instantly without doing anything. But your colleague need to slog 9 to 5 everyday and wait for one month to get their miserable paychecks.

With the sniper signal, you will gain an unfair advantage over other traders and always be ahead in the trading game.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Sniper Signal.

Time To Long US Stock

Later when the US market opens, I am going to buy some stocks to ride this strong and fast rebound.

With online trading, you can make money from the market 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home. You can make your money work hard for you every single hour of the day. This is the beauty of being a full time trader.

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc is a nice trendy stock that is perfect for trading.

Just sit on it and enjoy the smooth ride up!2015Oct-Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc-800x600

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc
Stop buy or buy only @ 21.58
Stop loss @ 20.40

Here is another one. Hold tight for the fast and furious ride up!

2015Oct-Alaska Communications Sys Group Inc-800x600

Alaska Communication Sys Group Inc
Stop buy or buy only @ 2.46
Stop loss @ 2.28

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