A very nice downtrend stock for trading.

Just short it to collect dividend everyday to pay for your daily expenses. Enjoy!


Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 0.615
Stop loss @ 0.67

I Feel Great Today

As predicted and posted here last Sunday of the meltdown in US and European Market, I shorted some US stock since last Monday and today, they give me an awesome profit.

I shorted Ocean Rig on 21/9/15 at $2.90. Today, its price is at $2.17. A massive profit of 25% in 5 days.

2015Sep-Ocean Rig Udw Inc-800x600

I also shorted Performant Financial on 22/9/15 at $2.68. Today, its price is at $2.35. Another BIG fat profit of 12% in 5 days.

2015Sep-Performant Financial-800x600

All these stock alerts were posted here and as usual, they just move the very next day.

With my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading system or Sniper Signal, it enables me to catch the big moves in the market. If I am wrong, I cut a small loss. If I am right, I ride the big move down.

Although the current market has no direction and is volatile, with a good trading system, you can still make money consistently from it and your trading goes on.

Now, I have started to trade the US(Nasdaq, Nyse,Amex) and Malaysia(KLSE) market. Whenever, I spotted good trade set-up there, I will post it on their relevant blog so that you can profit from them as well.

The stock market has infinite wealth, let’s extract from it as much as possible!

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.


MRCB had rebounded very nicely last month. Its price action is also very trendy and predictable. Watchout for a breakout for this stock!


Stop buy or buy only @ 1.21
Stop loss @ 1.10

Did You See It?

I shorted Ocean Rig Udw Inc on Monday evening at 2.90 and today, it went down to 2.67. A BIG FAT profit of 8.6% in three days.

2015Sep-Ocean Rig Udw Inc-800x600

I also shorted Performant Financial on Tuesday evening at 2.68 and today, it went down to 2.59. A decent profit of 3.5% in two days.

2015Sep-Performant Financial-800x600

All these stock picks were posted here for all to see and profit from.

There are many shorting opportunities in the US market and most of the stock there are shortable with low margin requirement and no/less restriction and liquidity issue.

Shorting is the easiest and fastest way to trade and profit from the market and currently I am still holding them to enjoy my smooth ride down while protecting part of the profit.

Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Miserable Income 

Performant Financial

As posted here on Sunday of the warning for the next round of imminent selling from the US and European region, right now the European region has dropped 3%.

Later, when the US market opens, I am going to enjoy myself the fast ride down for my shorts on the US stock entered yesterday.

You can join me as well to just short the following stock.

2015Sep-Performant Financial-800x600

Stop sell using CFD @ 2.68
Stop loss @ 3.04

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Debao Property

Debao Property is recovering very nicely from 2 months of sell down. It has reached the bottom and price action is starting to accelerate to the upside. Watch for it!

2015Sep-Debao Property-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.046
Stop loss @ 0.035

Chinese Global

Finally, it is back again for second round of BIG FAT profit.

Yes, because the market wants it!

I caught this big fat fish on 1/9/2015 and waited patiently everyday till today for the next round of profit.

Hope that tomorrow this fish will swim to my net and reward me for my patience.

2015Sep-Chinese Global-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.037
Stop loss @ 0.029

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient.

Shorting US Market

From my chart, the next round of selling from the US and European region is coming soon.

Hence, from today onwards, I will be looking to the US market for shorting opportunity as there are many stocks in the local Singapore market not available for shorting due to the many stringent rules by MAS and SGX.

Majority of the stock in the US are available for shorting and their margin requirement are low. They also don’t have liquidity issue.

Come join me to short down these dying stock in the US to ride through this Major Global BIG BEAR Market and after that, use the house money to ride through the BULL Market again.

Opportunity comes only once. Don’t waste it.

2015Sep-Ocean Rig Udw Inc-800x600

Ocean Rig Udw Inc
Stop sell using CFD @ 2.90
Stop loss @ 3.27

2015Sep-Patterson Uti Energy Inc-800x600

Patterson Uti Energy Inc
Stop sell using CFD @ 13.38
Stop loss @ 15.39

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