Great Group

My Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System just spotted this Great Group with a Great trade set-up and hopefully will give me a Great profit tomorrow.

2015Aug-Great Group-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.023
For intraday trading only. Exit once profit is good.

Time To Pick Up Great Stock At Great Price

After a month of huge selling, it is time to pick up great stock at great price.

Jaya had been sold down near to its previous low and it is a good time to pick up this stock now.


Stop buy or buy only @ 0.029
Stop loss @ 0.021

Chinese Global may start to rally again after a pull back.

2015Aug-Chinese Global-800x600

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.029
Stop loss @ 0.019

Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Signal

Today, I had launched a new trading tool called Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Signal.
ultistock_copy (1)

The aim of creating this trading tool is to help more aspiring trader to be more profitable and derive a steady income from trading.

Every trading information like entry price, stop loss and trade management information like adjusting of stop loss and when to exit the trade is given clearly so that you can get into the trading arena to create wealth even if you have little or no trading experience.

By following the instruction depicted in the signal, you will be able to excel in trading and reap profit always. Enjoy!

I Exited All My Short Positions

Today, I exited my last short position on Hyflux with a BIG FAT PROFIT of 10.5% after holding it for 5 days.

This stock call was posted on the sniper trader blog on 12/8/15 and the very next day onwards, it just made the BIG move down everyday till I exited this morning.


Trading and making money consistently from the market is a breeze if you have a good trading system as shown in this blog.

Right now with my BIG FAT account, I am waiting patiently for the next sniper signal to enter the market again.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.

Another Round Of Profit From Shorting

Last thursday evening, during the stock course preview, I showed the audience the stock call posted on the sniper trader blog.


Today, I just exited my short on Silverlake and is still holding on to Hyflux.

2015Aug-Silverlake Axis-800x600


Some asked me how I manage to hold my positions for a few days to a few weeks.

The trick is to trade a small and comfortable amount for each trade. As a sniper trader, when we are right, we ride the big move in the market. If we are wrong, we cut a small loss. We don’t need to trade big because the sniper signal will catch big move in the market to generate our big profit. Over a period of many trades, our profit will just pile up.

Another Week Of Hitting The Jackpot Shorting Dying Stock

Today, I exited my short on SGX with a wonderful profit of 5.2%.

I shorted it on 31/7/15 at $8.01 and exited today at $7.61. This stock call was posted here on 30/7/15 and as usual, the next day it plunged continuously till I exited today.


Last thursday, I also exited my short on M1 with a nice profit of 4%.

I shorted it on 3/8/15 at $3.11 and exited at $2.99. This stock call was posted on the sniper trade blog 31/7/15 and similarly, it plunged continuously till I exited.


I love to short dead and dying stock. It is the easiest way to profit from the market. These stocks are being dump by the BBs and the latter have their reason for doing so. But some retail investor and ignorant trader pick them up because they are ‘cheap’.

Sometimes I wonder how these people determine whether a stock is cheap, expensive, undervalued or overvalued.

Look at Value Investing, it has different methods of valuing a stock. None is superior than the others.

Look at the recent scandal at noble. There are different methods of accounting for the commodity profit. Each method has their own setbacks.

For me, I only trade and invest according to the chart. If the chart says sell, I sell. There is only one entry signal and one exit signal. I just execute the signal and collect my profit. This is called objective rule-based trading and investing.

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

Is this The Start Of Financial Armageddon?

Seem so.2015Aug-STI-800x600

STI plunge, Sing dollar plunge, commodity down, gold down, silver down, oil down, equity down, bond down, property down, …. what’s next?

Your job and salary may be down next as this may be the start of a BIG bear market and long Global Recession. Are you ready for it?

To me, now is the best time to learn trading to prepare oneself for the next financial meltdown. When your are retrenched, you have a trading skill to rely on. When the BIG bear comes, you will know what to do to protect your trading and investment account.

The decision you make today will impact your future.

Personally, my team of sniper traders and I have prepared ourselves by equipping ourselves with the correct knowledge, tool and system to short down dead and dying stock to earn our next pot of gold. After that, we will use the house money to ride the bull market up. If you want to be one of my sniper traders, do register for my SG50 batch preview seminar tomorrow. I will give a special price for those who sign up to be a sniper trader tomorrow.

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance.

ST Engineering

2015Aug-ST Engineering-800x600

Another dead stock spotted by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. Just short it!

Stop sell using CFD @ 3.15
Stop loss @ 3.29

This thursday evening, I will be having another preview for my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course – SG50 intake. This intake will be cap at 20 students only as I want my class to be small. This will ensure all students fully understood everything about trading so that they can make serious money from the market.

In trading, you either lose a lot or win a lot. If you don’t have the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can never win the market.

We Had A Wonderful Time Shorting The Market

This week, my team of sniper traders and I enjoyed ourselves shorting the market.

I posted 3 stock calls on the sniper trader blog alerting my team of sniper traders to potential trades. As shown below, all of them are profitable.

We already exited SMRT and SIA and currently still holding M1.




As for SGX which I posted here on 30/7/15, I am currently still holding it as well.


As a sniper trader, we trade only according to the signal given by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. We don’t trade according to news, rumours, friend’s recommendation, insider news, analyst report, market sentiment, etc. To us, all these are noise.

Our job is to key in the trade order and wait for our paycheck at the end of the month. If we want a pay rise, we simply scale up our position size without additional work.

If you are a serious trader looking for a simple, easy to use and predictable trading system to create wealth in the market, you should come for my preview seminar.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

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