SGX stock price may have reached its peak. I am going to short it down tomorrow.

Stop sell using CFD @ 8.01
Stop loss @ 8.27

This saturday I am having a preview for the next intake of the SG50 Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course.

During the seminar, you will have a peek at some of the 19 unique trading strategies of the system and why they always work without fail in any market condition and direction as shown under the Good Trades here and here.

I am very excited and look forward to meet up with this new batch of student to equip them with the correct knowledge, tool and system for trading so that they can derive a steady second source of income or quite the rat race and be a full time trader.

Till then, have a safe and profitable trading.

Tianjin ZX USD

2015Jul-Tianjin ZX USD-800x600

This stock may begin its upside run again. Watch for it.

Stop buy or buy only @ 1.465
Stop loss @ 1.45

Give A Man A Fish, You Feed Him For A Day
Teach A Man How To Fish, You Feed Him For A Lifetime

Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course – SG50 Batch

This saturday, I will be having a preview for the next intake of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course.

To join in the celebration and to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our Nation, I will be giving a special price for this SG50 batch of student as a way for me to give something back to the nation.


If you would like to own a simple, easy to use and predictable trading system to catch BIG moves in the market, register for the seminar here.

Q&M Dental – My Second Good Trade Of The Month

Today, I got my second Good Trade of the month from Q & M, which gave me a nice profit of 5% in 3 days.

I posted this stock here on Monday and the very next day, my buy order was triggered.

2015Jul-Q&M Dental-800x600

Although the market is messy and volatile, I still managed to get my good trades in. All thanks to my marvellous Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. It will direct me to enter those stock that are about to make BIG move in the market regardless of market condition and direction.

I am again looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust Seminar where I will be teaching the student on how to use unit trust to extract profit regularly from the global market to double their CPF and cash fund once every 3 years in a safe and steady manner.

If you want to see your CPF fund grow faster than the current miserable 2.5%, register for this seminar here.



Jaya, the big fat fish, is coming back!

There is an entry signal tomorrow. Watch closely for it.

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.047

Q & M

2015Jul-Q&M Dental-800x600

Q & M is coming back very strongly after a month of correction. Now is a good time to enter this stock. Don’t miss it!

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.845
Stop loss @ 0.77

If You Are Right, You Ride.

Innovalues – Did You See It!

Look at that! One BIG bar! One BIG profit – 8.6% in 2 days!

My platinum golden cash cow again gave me my first good trade of the month with a nice profit of 8.6% so far.

Whenever I entered this stock, it will always give me a wonderful profit. Year to date, I have extracted 29% from this cash cow. See all entries and exits here.


The next one to run will be FSL trust as posted here on Monday. Watch for it!

Next Saturday, I will be having a seminar on how to use a simple and profitable strategy to extract profit regularly from the global market to double our idle CPF and cash fund once every 3 years in a safe and steady manner via unit trust investing.

I will reveal during the seminar which market to enter to extract the maximum profit from this sell down.

Do register for it here.

One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away

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