Oh my God!

My Platinum Golden Cash Cow is coming back again to give me a fourth round of profit for this year. Don’t miss it.


Buy only @ $0.92
Stop loss @ $0.865

Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Miserable Income


2015May-USP GROUP LIMITED-800x600

USP is coming back very strongly after a sell down of a month. It may resume its uptrend again.

Buy only @ $0.096
Stop loss @ $0.082

Last weekend, although I am sick, I had a great time teaching a new batch of sniper trader.

After the course, some students told me that finally they know why their current stock holding are not making money and why every time they buy a stock, it will always go down. The main reason is most of the time, they are buying junk.

As a sniper trader, we only go for stock that are likely to make big move in the market so that we can make the biggest profit in the shortest period of time.

First Resources – My Second Good Trade Of The Month

Today, First Resources gave me my second good trade of the month. From the chart, I am going to exit tomorrow.

As usual, this stock call was posted here last wednesday for all to see and profit.

2015May-First Resources-800x600

With a proven Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I am able to post all these stock call for the whole world to see and profit regardless of market condition and direction.

Trading becomes simple, easy and predictable.

I am very excited and looking forward to create another batch of sniper trader this Saturday. Their life will change from next Monday onwards once they get hold of the Sniper Stock Trading System.

Q&M Dental – Look At That!

Did you see it?

Another BIG fish caught.

Q&M is my first Good trade of the month and also a big one – 14.5% in 3 days.

This stock call was posted here last wednesday for the whole world to see and profit.

2015May-Q&M Dental-800x600I am going to take profit tomorrow and use some of it to visit Q&M to check and polish my teeth. It has been a few years since I last had my dental check-up.

I am looking forward to extract more profit this week as the market had recovered since last wednesday.

One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away



Jaya is my best trade for this year so far. It is also my best trade for 2104 at 75% profit. See here how I caught it last year using the ultimate sniper stock trading system.With a proven world class stock trading system, you can repeatedly catch all these big moves in the market.

Today, this BIG FAT fish is back again to give me a second round of BIG FAT profit.


Buy only @ $0.048

First Resources

2015May-First Resources-800x600

First Resources is coming back very strongly due to the rebound in crude oil.

Buy only @ $1.965
Stop loss @ $1.89

Today, liquidity is back for majority of the stock after disappearing for 3 weeks.

It will be party time again for extracting money from the market. Hope you can extract some to take yourself or your family for a holiday next month during school holiday. Good  Luck!

If you want to inherit the skill of extracting easy money from the market in a safe and steady manner through the use of a simple, easy to use and predictable stock trading system, register for my last preview here.

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