China Aviation – Another Fish Caught

Look at that! China Aviation gaped up today where 95% of the stocks in the market are in the red. This stock call was posted here yesterday.

2015Mar-China Aviation-800x600

I exited at $0.845 and this trade became my fourth good trade of the month. This month (March) had been a good one for me because firstly, during the Unit Trust Seminar held on 14 March, the students who attended it made more than 10 times the seminar fee from the stock call on Biosensor and at the same time, they gained an investment knowledge that will put them in good stead for life.

Secondly, last weekend, I concluded the first quarterly Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course for this year and managed to help 13 students to become full time traders or derive an additional source of income from trading. With the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, they will have no financial worries and be able to live their desirable lifestyle.

Lastly, I manage to get my fourth good trade in for this month. This is how good the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System is and it never fail me. It will give you at least 4 good trades a month to replace your miserable income regardless of market direction and condition.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Biosensor – Second Chance To Enter


I realise that this year, the market is very kind to us. It always give us a second chance to enter stocks like innovalues, noble and hyflux.

There is a chance to catch this big fish again tomorrow. Don’t Miss It.
For those who know trade management, the target price is $0.90.

Buy only @ $0.77
Stop loss @ $0.695

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Charisma Energy

Yesterday night, US market and the USD were sold down. With the USD down, commodity, including crude oil rallied. Crude oil (WTI) rebounded the second time from $43.50 last week. It has found a strong support there.

Today, all oil related counters rallied strongly and I personally picked Charisma Energy for you to make fast cash tomorrow.

2015Mar-Charisma Energy-800x600

This is for gambler only. Intra-trade and exit once profit is good. Be socially responsible and bet within your budget.

Buy only @ $0.025

I am excited and looking forward to this weekend Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course where I will transform 13 students to become a sniper trader.

The stock market is a cold and merciless place. Only the strongest will survive and prosper because the 10% that win will receive the money from the 90% that lose.

Next week, you will be trading against another 13 sniper traders. Good Luck!

Biosensor – Another 4% Today

Look at that !!!  Another 4% today. Shiok man…

This is what the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System can do to your trading account.


I feel great today because I received a few ‘Thank You’ smses from the students who attended my last Unit Trust Seminar on 14 March and benefitted immensely from the knowledge and skill acquired and the Biosensor stock call. One of them even called me Cai Shen (God Of Wealth), but I think I should be called Gu Shen (God Of Stock) since I traded like God.


The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System is calibrated to catch all the big moves in the market so that you can grow your money in the fastest way possible at the shortest period of time. It will give you an average return of 50% a month as shown here and here.

It is the missing link to successful trading and the key to unlock financial abundance and be financially free.

Give A Man A Fish And You Feed Him For A Day
Teach A Man How To Fish And You Feed Him For A LifeTime

Biosensors – Did You See It !

Look at that !  One BIG bar. 8.8% in a day.

Biosensor is my Third Good Trade of the month.


This stock call was posted here on 11 Mar and I entered this trade on Fri,13 Mar at $0.685. The next day, during my Unit Trust Investing Seminar, I personally asked the students to enter this stock on Monday (16 Mar) if the price has not run yet.

Last week, while meeting with these Unit Trust Investing Seminar students to open their account to invest their CPF and cash in Unit trust, I reminded them to hold onto Biosensor because my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System had indicated it will break out anytime this week. Indeed, it broke out today.

These students paid $88 to attend my Unit Trust Seminar. At the end, they made more than 10 times from the return on their CPF and cash investment in Unit Trust and from this stock call I gave them during the seminar. They also learned a valuable investment skill that will benefit them for life.

This Saturday, 13 students who paid $13 888 to attend the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course, will have the same experience. In a year time, Money In The Chart guarantees that they will each make at least 5 times ($70 000) of what they paid for the course and also acquired a valuable stock trading skill that will benefit them for life.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.

Noble – Second Good Trade Of The Month


Look at that! It slammed down 3.9% in a day.

I love Noble. Every time I post an entry signal, the next day it will trigger that allows me to make the fastest return for the money in my trading account in the shortest possible time.

I shorted Noble twice at $0.915 and $0.885. These entry signals were posted here and generated by my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System which will give me at least 4 good trades a month regardless of market condition as proven in this blog.

With such a fabulous system, whether the market is high, low, choppy, no liquidity, bear is coming, bull is going away, etc, they don’t bother me. My job is to execute all signal given by the system and see my trading account growing bigger day by day.

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Stock Trading – 90% Lose, 10% Win

Since the start of the year, and especially since February 2015, I have been receiving numerous emails asking for my advice on whether to hold or to sell their stock holding because they have dropped substantially, requesting me to lower the price of my ultimate sniper stock trading course because they wanted to attend it to recoup their losses in the last 2 months, asking whether they can pay the course through interest-free instalment offered by various credit cards, etc. Some even asked me whether they can pay half first and the balance will be paid after they have recoup their losses and from the profit earned thereafter.

These people had lost so much money in the stock market that they cannot think straight now. I empathise with them and there is nothing I can do. Damage (financial and psychology) had already been done and money had already been lost. In trading, if you lose more than 30% of your trading account, it is very difficult to recover back especially psychologically.

Today, the market had changed. It moves very fast and has no mercy. If you don’t equip yourself with the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can never win it. If you don’t invest part of your money in a proven trading system for long-term benefit, then prepare to lose more of your hard-earned money to the market.

In trading, either you win a lot or you lose a lot.



I posted Noble last tuesday (10 March) and on the very next day, it gapped down and I managed to short it at $0.915.

Today, there is a signal to short this dead stock again.

Sell using CFD @ $0.885
Stop loss @ $0.965

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around 

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