Valuetronics – One Good Trade

Today, I exited my Valuetronics with a profit of 8.5%. This stock call was posted here on 15/02/15 and I posted on the Facebook yesterday evening to exit manually as there was an exit signal from my ultimate sniper stock trading system. This system is able to help me to enter and exit my stock position at precise timing so that I can make the maximum amount of profit in a shortest time possible.


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Unit Trust – America Fund

On 3 Feb 2015, I posted here a statement of one of my students who entered and exited his investment in Japan fund and garnered a profit of 4% in a month.

After exiting from Japan fund, he entered America fund on 3 Feb 2015 at $1.109 and exited on 13 Feb 2015 at $1.133, earning a handsome profit of $6800 in 2 weeks just before the Greek negotiation with EU on its debt extension. In just 2 months, his portfolio had grown by 6% or $19 700.

In the last 2 months, although the global market is choppy and flat, my student and I managed to earn good money from Unit trust investing because with Unit Trust, we are able to invest online instantly anywhere in the world as opportunity arises. With the help of my proprietary Unit Trust Investing System, we are able to earn consistent profit to grow our CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner.

Today, the global market moves very fast. With the correct knowledge, tool and system (KTS), your money will grow very fast. Last year, I managed to generate a profit of 30% for my Unit Trust Investment. See here. How much you want your money to grow depends on how good you are!


Amercian Fund

Till today, I still cannot comprehend why many still leave their money in CPF earning a peanut return of 2.5%/pa and in the bank earning a peanut skin return of 0.5%/pa. These people still don’t realise that they are losing their hard-earned money to inflation every year (although they are not spending it).

With the government depreciating the sing dollar and the imminent rise of interest rate, global inflation will just get worse.

In today economics environment, if you don’t invest or trade, you can never have enough to spend or to retire comfortably.

For those who are still not investing or trading profitably because they have not found the correct strategy/method, it is time they do something about it fast. If not, more financial pain will be in for them.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years



There is an entry signal to short this dead stock again. Enjoy the smooth ride down!

Sell using CFD @ $0.885
Stop loss @ $0.95

Currently, I am still holding on to my Platinum Golden Cash Cow Innovalues and Valuetronics. They have been giving me tremendous profit. There is no chance for me to exit yet. I will post the exact profit extracted from them once I exited my position.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Hi-P – My Third Good Trade Of The Month


Friday, my Innovalues gaped up. Monday, my Valuetronics shot up. Today, my Hi-P went down by 4.5%. Three good trade in a row where most stocks in the market are in the red. All these stock calls were posted here one day in advance.

Hi-P will be my third good trade for this month. With a good trading system, you can make the market pays for all your expenses, pays for your next holiday or pays for your next big house. This should be the way. No other way!

If you are keen to own such a World Class Stock Trading System, read here.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.

Innovalues – It just gaped up


On friday, Innovalues gaped up to close at 2.8% for the day.

This stock call was posted here on thursday and the very next day, it just gaped up.

This is how good the ultimate sniper stock trading system is. It will select for you the best stock to buy to grow your money in the fastest way possible.

Sometimes I see people trade using a lousy trading platform (because it has cheap commission) or with no proper/proven trading system. More often than not, they lose more than they gain.

In trading or investing, you either win a lot or lose a lot. If you use a lousy tool or system, there is no chance you can win the market.



My golden cash cow is back again. There is an entry opportunity for tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Buy only @ $0.535
Stop loss @ $0.51

Two hours ago, Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a ceasefire and IMF announced a $40 billion funding package for Ukraine. This major stumbling block had been cleared for the global bull to start running again after resting for 2 months.

It is a fantastic time to enter the global market now to ride the mega bull to grow our CPF and cash via unit trust. The risk is low and the return is high.

If you would like to master the strategy of consistently extracting profit from the global market to double your CPF and cash every 3 years in a safe and steady manner via Unit Trust investing, do join me for my monthly Unit Trust seminar this saturday here. You can bring along another person for free since it is also a Valentine Day.

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