China Everbright Water – My Third Good Trade Of The Month

Today, I exited China Everbright Water, which was entered on 22/01/2015, with a profit of 6% after holding for 6 days.

This stock call was posted here on 21/01/2015 and the very next day, the trade was triggered.


Currently, I am still holding on to Innovalues – My Golden Cash Cow.

I entered it on 23/01/25 at $0.48. Similarly, it was posted here on 22/01/14 and the very next day, the trade was triggered.

It will be my fourth Good Trade Of The Month. For those who had grabbed this cash cow, you can hold on to it because there will be more profit to come. Just be patient and wait for money to slowly drop from the sky.

I just went through the attendee list for this saturday Stock Trading course preview and realise that quite a number of them had attended my paid Unit Trust seminar before or who had invested Unit Trust with me. For these people, I will be conducting a market outlook for you after the preview.


Since last year September 2014, I have been monitoring Russia for an entry signal to invest for my investment portfolio. Those who had attended my Unit Trust seminar will know that Russia is in my investment watchlist.

In singapore, the Russia Unit Trust fund had dropped around 40% last year but the Russia Index (MICEX) return for 2014 was positive. The reason being the Russia fund invested 40% of their portfolio in the oil sector. Russia is a gem because it offers a good investment opportunity that has a solid fundamental background. Once, crude oil recovers, Russia fund will shot up.

Here is an article from Bloomberg about investing in Russia which completely gels with my thinking. You can read it here.


Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System – Preview

The preview seminar this saturday for Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System was fully booked in 2 days. It was beyond my expectation.

I received numerous email thereafter requesting me to organise another one or helping them to register for this saturday preview. I am unable to accede to the request because there is limited seat in the seminar room.

I also need to assess the take up rate for this stock trading course. If the seat are all taken up, I may not organise another preview till the next quarter. Hence, for those who are unable to register for this saturday preview, do check back here next week for the latest announcement.


This stock had reversed its downtrend. Hop on it to ride on the new uptrend.

Stop buy using CFD or buy only @ $0.35
Stop loss @ $0.30
Life Is For Trading. Not Working.
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