My Good Trades for Month of October

This month of October is the most volatile one so far year as we experienced a global market correction ( European market down 10% ) caused by Ebola, deflation risk in European and the end of QE3 in US.

Despite the huge turbulence in the market, I managed to obtain 3 good trades for this month. All thanks to my robust stock trading system.

China Sunsine stock call was posted here on 20 Oct. Today, it gave me a return of 5.7%.

Silverlake was posted here on 23 October. Today, it gave me a return of 3.8%.

Innovalues was posted here yesterday. Today, it gave me a return of 5.1%

As you can see, with a good system, one can get 4 Good Trade a Month systematically to replace his income or create an additional source of income regardless of the market direction. As long as the stock market open and close, money will automatically flow into your trading account.


Silverlake is one of my favourite stocks with good fundamental. Today, there is an entry signal again.

Stop buy or buy only @ $1.305
Stop loss @ $1.255
Always adjust your stop loss daily as the price moves


1) Last Friday afternoon, I posted on the Money In The Chart Facebook page that my S&P indicator is pointing up again and the US market will rebound strongly. Indeed, US market had since rebounded strongly. It will continue to do so till next week. For those who had attended my Unit Trust seminar, you will know of this indicator which will help you save thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights if the bear market do comes. Since last year, I have been using this indicator to track the S&P movement and the signal is almost 100% accurate. I am looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust seminar where I will reveal this indicator to the enthusiastic audience and show them the identical movement with S&P. I will also be sharing the market direction and other stuff related to trading and investment. Do register for it here before the seat ran out.
2) Today, Metal component and Trek 2000 ,which were posted here on Tuesday, moved up very nicely. They may become my first 2 good trades of this month.
3) Watch out for China Sunsine which was here posted on Monday. Entry criteria is still the same.

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