This stock was posted last Sunday but it did not trigger my buy order. Today, there is an entry signal after a minor pull-back. The risk is lower and the entry is more attractive now. Exit your position when the profit is good.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.30
Stop loss @ $0.265


Currently Osim is experiencing a big sell down again. Ride the selling wave down.

I also posted on 11/8/14 that this stock’s price may have reached its peak. Indeed the price has peaked as there is a BIG gap down 2 days ago.

Stop sell or sell using CFD @ $2.66
Stop loss @ $2.82
Target price @ $2.50

1) This current market pull back will be a short and brief one. The global market is very strong now. So, just wait patiently for a few days and the money making opportunity will resume again. Our job is to see our money grow, not to slog for money.

Tuan Sing

Tuan Sing is a well-supported stock. It may start to cheong again. Watch for it.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.43

Stop loss @ $0.385

1) HMI and Vibrant can still be traded if their entry price are triggered.
2) Today, my Artivision posted on 21/08/14 also gave me a good profit. 
3) Currently, all the mid-cap stock are at play and running.

Hai Leck – Big Profit for Sat Seminar Audience

Hai Leck was one of the 2 stock tips given to the audience in appreciation of their effort for coming down to my last Saturday Unit Trust Seminar instead of them resting at home. I even suggested to them to go shopping and have a good meal at Bugis Junction after the seminar and let the market pay for all their expense on Monday.

Indeed, today the market pay for all their expenses. This should be the way. Let the market pay for your expenses, your next holiday, take care of your pension fund, etc. Let your hard earned money work hard for you, not work hard for the Bank and the CPF board. Our job is just to see our money grow, not to slog for money. 

Last, but not least, if you have profited from this stock call, kindly help those helpless elderly and disabled on the street.


This stock is very bullish now. Price action is getting faster. Either ride the trend or manually exit your position once the profit is good. This is money drop from the sky. Miss it at your own risk.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.31
Stop loss @ $0.28


1) Yesterday, at my Unit Trust seminar, I had a good discussion with the audience on stock, Unit Trust investment, proper portfolio diversification and the overall marco-economics view on the global financial market. I also gave the audience 2 good stock tips for this week in appreciation of them making the effort to come down for my seminar on a cosy saturday afternoon instead of resting at home. I love to help these people who are genuine in wanting to grow their money. Hope they will profit immensely from my 2 stock tips.

There are still 3 dates left for my seminar. And I may not conduct anymore seminar on Unit Trust investing as I find that it is very tiring to stand and speak for 2 hours. You can still register and attend them if you are looking for someone to mange your Unit Trust fund, intend to use Unit Trust to trade the Index market, want a higher return for your CPF and fixed deposit in the bank, etc.


After one month of correction, this penny stock has come back strongly. Time for gambler and those who want fast profit to jump in. Manually close your trade once the profit is good.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.098
Stop loss @ $0.085

1) Those who missed Jaya, you still can enter tomorrow
Stop buy or buy @ $0.067
Stop loss @ $0.058
2) Watch out for Vibrant as posted on Tuesday.
Stop buy or buy @ $0.126
Stop loss @ $0.119

Jaya – The champion again !

Last month Jaya is the CHAMPION. This month it will be the CHAMPION again !

Last month I caught it. Today, I caught it again after waiting patiently for 1 week. This is a big fat fish. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have profited from my stock call, kindly buy more tissue from the elderly and the disabled selling tissue on the hot street of Singapore. It will brighten their day. I will promise you more from this blog.

My stock calls and all the stocks which I entered since last week has each shot up day by day. This is no coincidence and also not luck at play. You can achieve this standard only with a correct knowledge, tool and system. A good system to generate the buying/selling signal, the correct knowledge to filter out false signal and the tool to execute the trade swiftly.

Today, I own 4 systems. Stock, Index and Currency Trading system and a Unit Trust Investing System. With them, I can sleep and grow rich!

Tomorrow I will be hosting a seminar on Unit Trust Investing to showcase my Unit Trust Investing system. During the seminar, you will discover how I used my crazy proprietary Unit Trust Investing system to extract explosive return from Unit Trust Investing using CPF and cash. And the most important part of the seminar is the last item where I will show you when the US market will turn after the QE3 ended in October 2014. This seminar is best suited for those who are aspiring to buy/stay at a bigger house, who wants a bigger retirement fund, who wants the market to pay for their next holiday and those who want to grow their money at a safe and at an insane rate. Do register early before the seat ran out. 


1) Today, my skyone also gives me another BIG bar.


Today, my Swissco which was entered on 8/8/14 gave me another big bar. This stock call was posted here on 5/8/14.

Everyday, my stock just shot up. This is what happens when you trade or invest after a market correction. You can extract enormous profit from the market easily and at low risk.

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