No stock call today

Currently, most of the stock in the singapore market is going through a sell down. STI is very near to the next resistant at 3400 as stated here.

The selling in Europe market still continues and US market does not look strong.
With such market outlook, I am staying on the sideline and wait for a clearer picture to emerge before I enter the market again. 


Today, my stop loss was triggered on my last trading position on Jason at $0.355 and I exited with a little profit. This stock was entered on 14/07/14 at $0.35 as posted here.

Gold – 6.6% in 2 month

As promised 2 week ago that I will post the gold Unit Trust performance here after I had switched out from it. Below are the statement I received recently.

This is one of my Whole Life Investment Linked policies (ILP).
I realise that I had switched to gold fund 2 times this year and profited 6.6% in all. As shown above, on 23/01/14, my proprietary Unit Trust Investing system gave me a signal to enter Gold and I switched my ILP fund to GEMM Resources Fund (Gold, Energy, Mining) at $0.6390. I exited on 28/2/14 at $0.6609 when exit signal appeared.
Again, an entry signal appeared on 24/06/14 and I entered at $0.6792. I exited on 14/07/14 at $0.7012 when exit signal was given by the system. Gaining 3.2% in 3 weeks. As shown on the chart, after I exited on 14/07/14, gold plunged. If I had not exited, I would give back all my profit to the market again.
With the correct knowledge, tool and system, I am able to generate around 20 – 25% return for my Investment Linked Policy, which is partly used to pay for the whole year premium. In this way, I enjoyed absolutely free whole life coverage for death, disability and critical illness. The financial market pays for my income, retirement fund and my insurance premium.
For those who are investment savvy, Investment linked policy is for you rather than a non-investment policy which generate a peanut return of 3%/pa and tied down your money ridiculously for 25 years or more.


This stock had been resting for almost 2 month and today there is buying activity.

A very trendy stock for trading.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.365
Stop loss @ $0.33

1) Silverlake is well supported and may start to run again.
Stop buy or buy @ $1.17
Stop loss @ $1.12

No stock call today

As stated last wednesday, 23/07/14, US market will pull back and European market will resume its selling again. I will wait for all these selling to be over before I assess the market for opportunity to enter again. In trading and investing, we need to be patient or else we will become a patient (financially).

Watch out for Blumont, Memstar and Riverstone.

Valuetronics – Did you see it !

Last week I caught Jaya. Today, I caught Valuetronics. Life is Great!

I entered this stock on 02/07/14 at $0.44 as posted here. Today, the closing price is $0.585, a return of 33% in 3 weeks. This trade can probably replace 2 months of my income. For the month of July, my trading system had helped me to capture Jaya and Valuetronics. The massive profit from both trades can easily replace 5 months of my income!

My stock trading system is about 85% accuracy. Every 10 trades I put in, there will always be 2 losing trades which will trigger my stop loss. I treat these losses as paying income tax to the stock market. Commission and cut loss are the fix cost of trading. If you did not cut loss it means you have not traded.

Stock trading can only replace or give you an additional stream of income. It can never make you rich.

Only through investment, one can be rich via wealth accumulation and growth. My portfolio is divided into 75% investment, 20% trading and 5% cash. I use Unit Trust as my investment instrument, stock and index trading as my trading instrument. They compliment each other and greatly help me grow my portfolio at insane rate. As I always said, today the financial market moves very fast, with the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can capitalise on any opportunity around the world 24/7 and your money will grow very fast.

See how I capture the opportunity in Vietnam using my breakthrough Unit Trust Investing System here.


1) Watch out for Blumont, Memstar and Riverstone. They may breakout and run.


This stock is well supported at $0.051. Buyer seem to be coming back today. Exit when the profit is good.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.058
Stop loss @ $0.05
Resistant @$0.068

1)According to my Trading System, US market may pull back and European market may resume its selling again in the next few days. From tomorrow onward, I am looking to manually close my position. After that, I will wait patiently for opportunity to enter the market again.
2) For those who had bought in Otto Marine. It had formed a bullish Pennant and may break out tomorrow.
Just place the stop loss at $0.073 and hope for the best.

RH PetroGas

This is a fast moving stock and buyer seem to be coming back. For few days trading only. Exit once profit is good.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.865
Stop loss @ $0.75

1) STI had broken through the resistant of 3311 as posted on 13/7/2014
2) Today, my trade on Valuetronics entered on 02/07/14 had given me a good profit. You need to give time for the stock to grow. As you can see, with the correct knowledge, tool and trading system, getting 4 good trade a month to replace your income is not difficult at all. With a good trading system, you need less of psychological and money management skill because the cut loss or losing rate is very low.
3)Watch out for Riverstone and Memstar. I think they are coming !

Great Eastern

This is my company stock with great fundamental. This stock was $11.50 back in November 2011. Today its price is $22.8. Almost 100% return in 3 years. Holding this stock for long term investment is far better than holding the 3 major banks’ stock. Furthermore, there is less fluctuation with this stock.

Stop buy or buy @ $22.90
Stop loss @ $22.02
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