Today, when I opened my trading account, 90% of the counters in my watchlists are red. It has been many months since I last saw this. However, most of the counters’ selling volume are low.

STI may reverse in the near term. Those having positions, tighten your stop loss.

Cogent is one of my favourite stock to trade. You can enter this stock again if you miss it previously.

Entry : Stop buy @ $0.48
Exit : Stop loss @ $ 0.45

Note – Those who miss China Gaoxian can enter again tomorrow
            Take note of Jes and LCD Global.

LCD Global

For those who don’t like penny stock or prefer a less volatile trading, this stock is for you !

A nice trendy stock and the price action is getting faster.

Enter : stop buy @ $0.31
Exit : stop loss @ $ $0.275

China Gaoxian


I love this stock. Trading this stock is like riding a roller coaster, it gives me an adrenaline rush.

For those who missed the trade on China Gaoxian which I posted on 24/6/2014, today there is an entry signal again.

China Gaoxian may be forming a bullish pennant and attempting a breakout. It is well supported at $0.048.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.052
Exit : stop loss @ $0.046

NOTE : Do watch out for Jes and Ezion.

IP Man 1 vs 10 – Woman version

It is Friday evening again. Time to relax ourselves and take a break from stock trading.

I will resume my post again on Sunday evening and hopefully more people will make money again on Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy this short video below and have a great weekend ahead !


What a nice trendy stock with huge buying volume !
Do I have to say more ?

Entry : $1.16
Exit : Stop loss @ $1.08

Note: Today CWT and Great Eastern are up which I posted yesterday.
          Congrat to those who take profit on China Gaoxian today. It is still supported at $0.047.


Jes may be reversing its downtrend. As shown on the chart, the selling had stopped and people started accumulating this stock since 22/4/2014.

There is a resistant at $0.116

Entry : $0.105
Exit : Stop loss @ $0.086


For those who have missed the entry for this stock previously, you can enter again tomorrow. Today the buying volume is decent.

Entry : $1.74
Exit : Stop loss @ $ $1.63

Great Eastern

This is my Company’s stock. It has great fundamental and technical aspect. Today, the buying resume again after resting for 1 month.

Great Eastern is the largest Insurance Company in Singapore and one of the largest in Malaysia. This stock is usually included in the top 10 holdings in Unit Trust funds that invest in Singapore Equity. You can read more about this company here

You can invest in this stock for long term. Don’t trade it because the price action is very slow.

Entry : $22.01

China Gaoxian

Have you entered China Gaoxian today which i posted on this blog yesterday? Today it broke out of the resistant level at $0.048 with huge volume. But there is a big price rejection from $0.054 to $0.05.

For trader, tomorrow you can close your position if the profit is good.

Today, a few S-chip also broke out with huge volume. There may be a sector rotation to s-chip play. You can keep them under your watchlist to monitor.

China Bearing, China New Town, China Taisan.


This is a penny stock. The BBs had stopped their selling. Buying volume started to pick up.
For short term and intraday trade only. Exit the buy position manually once your profit is good.

Entry : $0.067
Exit : stop loss @ $0.055

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